John Summit's Experts Only show in Vail, Colorado

The name “Summit” carries diverse meanings in the realm of dance music. This February, the boundaries of interpretation converge on the snowy slopes as John Summit brings his inaugural Experts Only show to the majestic peaks of Vail, Colorado. The former Chicago accountant-turned dance music headliner will elevate his performance to unprecedented heights, precisely 8,250 feet above sea level.

The outdoor revelry unfolds in Ford Park, a haven for summit seekers and mountain masters at the base of Vail’s premier chairlifts and ski slopes. As the inaugural Experts Only show to grace the grounds of a ski resort, this event promises a bone-chillingly unique experience.

Fresh from his early performance at Decadence Colorado, John Summit will embark on a nocturnal odyssey, delving into the depths of house music while skiers and snowboarders shred to the invigorating beats resonating through the crisp, thin mountain air. With anticipation high, I foresee an expansive set, offering a profound exploration of new music, allowing John to skillfully navigate the decks amid a crowd adorned in onesies.

Even the most devoted park rats will momentarily stow away their skis, enticed by the allure of the myriad snow bunnies that John effortlessly draws to each performance. In this elevated mountain town, winter break will manifest a second time this season. The venue will transform into a tracked-out terrain by night’s end as dancing feet imprint the snow.

Nestled among the breathtaking scenes of the Colorado mountainside, wrapped up by the embrace of rolling hills and the majestic presence of evergreen, this venue unfolds alongside the rhythmic melody of mountain streams. John Summit Vail will evoke unmatched excitement for the enchanting natural canvas that will envelop the venue as we dance our night away. Get your tickets and we’ll see you on the mountain.

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