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Jauz’s Dangerous Waters Swept Through The Fox Theatre

Jauz’s Dangerous Waters Swept Through The Fox Theatre

Kierstin Rounsefell

February 22nd, 2020

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Sam Vogel is the name behind the extremely innovative, high-energy producer, Jauz. This 26-year-old is based out of Los Angeles, California. After graduating from Icon Collective College Of Music, Jauz quickly made a name for himself in the electronic music industry. “Feel The Volume“, released via Mad Decent in 2014, was one of his first tracks that seriously caught the attention of both fans and fellow producers. Before he knew it, he was playing the main stage of festivals including HARD Summer, EDC Las Vegas, Ultra Miami, and more.

Jauz- 02/16/20- Fox Theatre

In the last few years, Jauz has sold out two headlining tours, played countless festivals worldwide, curated various Off The Deep End events, and even created his own record label called “Bite This!“. His music is beautifully diverse in the sense that each song has different production elements, core sounds, emotions, and subgenres. This holds him true to his creed, “music has no boundaries”.

If you’re unfamiliar with Jauz’s euphoric, lyric-filled music, we suggest you listen to the following songs: “Rock The Party” with EPHWURD, “Shake” with Zeds Dead, and “On Fire” with HYPRESSION.

The Shark Squad Heads to Boulder

On Sunday, February 16th, Jauz brought his Dangerous Waters Tour to the Fox Theatre in Boulder, Colorado. This intimate venue can hold up to 500 people. When first entering the venue, ticket holders will see the venue’s lobby with a merchandise stand, a large curved bar, and restrooms. Once they pass into the main room, a few different levels of the floor allow for a clear view of the stage from any point in the venue. For those that want an elevated, VIP experience, a small balcony is accessible for an additional cost.

Dark Trap: Tynan Edition

Tynan filled the venue with dark trap while the audience slowly began to flow in. The makeup of the crowd at this show was mostly between 18 and 23, which was much younger than the audience at some of his other shows. For the openers, the stage setup consisted of a table with CDJs at the front of the stage and multicolored lights on both the top and sides of the stage.

This unique producer and DJ embraces any and all sounds which, allows him to connect with his listeners on a unique level. Imagine a combination of 1788-L, Excision, and G Jones. Tynan did a great job of working with the room by using big hand movements and mouthing the lyrics of the tracks being played to engage the audience. Heavy tracks got the best crowd reactions, including a remix of DJ Snake’s “Propaganda“. The next day, Tynan tweeted about the show saying “…there’s just something special about playing a small room filled with people that are down for whatever you play.”

Jauz- 02/16/20- Fox Theatre

Habstrakt Shakes The Fox Theatre

Habstrakt took the stage next. This future bass, drum and bass artist hails from the South of France and has been producing electronic music since 2008. In addition to creating distinctive mixes for record labels including Never Say Die and Buygore, Habstrakt has also performed innumerable headlining shows and festivals throughout the years.

The energy inside the venue increased tenfold as Habstrakt played crowd favorites including “Chicken Soup” with Skrillex, “Movie” featuring Josh Pan, and of course a remix of “Griztronics” by Griz and Subtronics. About halfway through his set, the venue was about three-quarters of the way full. Furthermore, the number of lighting effects on stage also increased, which made for a much more immersive experience. Everyone seemed to really be enjoying themselves as they were jumping, dancing, and singing along to whatever songs they knew.


Finally, after a short changeover, Jauz walked on stage and greeted the full venue. His stage setup consisted of the same table with CDJs and an addition of a huge LED screen in the shape of a shark fin. Several different images, effects, and videos played across the LED fin in sync with his tracks, making for a truly unique signature experience. Lightbars and rotating lights also came into use along with lasers and CO2 blasters.

Right off the bat, his high level of energy felt completely contagious and the entire audience skyrocketed into elation. Songs including “SQUAD OUT!” with Skrillex and Fatman Scoop, “Super Hott” with Dubloadz, and “Bring Em Back” with Tynan had every single person in the venue living in the moment jumping up and down.

Energy Check

At one point, Jauz did something he does on every stop of the tour: an energy check. This is where he has everyone jump as high as they can for as long as they can during a drop. Later on, he slowed down the energy for a few minutes and had the audience breathe in and out to power through the rest of the set.

Throughout the night, Jauz‘s stage presence was something so captivating and fun that filled the venue with such feel-good energy. One thing that really stood out was his huge, exaggerated movements during certain songs. He was just as in-the-moment as everyone in the audience, and it was really cool to see.

Jauz- 02/16/20- Fox Theatre

The Shark Returns

Towards the end of his set, he was able to do something that can really only be done at smaller, intimate shows. He took a break from playing and grabbed the microphone to thank them for coming out, but also to talk about his past experiences at the Fox Theatre in Boulder.

According to Jauz, one of the first shows that he played while he was still in college was at the Fox Theatre in 2015. This show was with Ookay, Dot Com, and Borgore. He remembers the audience being absolutely amazing and helped him calm down even though he was extremely nervous. (Words of wisdom from the man himself, don’t eat an edible before your set or you’ll freak the f*ck out.)

La Fin

Jauz slowed down the tempo after over an hour and a half of keeping the energy up. He mixed “Heaven” by Avicii and Coldplay into his own track, and “Rave With Me” with Ducky. To end the set, he played his remix of SHAED’s “Trampoline“.


Overall, this was an extraordinary show. Everything from the mesmerizing visual experience to the artists’ direct interaction with the crowd made for a perfectly memorable night. It was really refreshing to see these big-name artists get to play such a small room and really play whatever they wanted. Despite the small space, each artist on the lineup still gave their full energy during their sets.

Jauz- 02/16/20- Fox Theatre

Photos by Adi Sadeh

If you’re hoping to catch Jauz in a city near you, we highly recommend it. To listen to the Dangerous Waters EP in full and keep up with Jauz visit the links below!

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