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Jai Wolf: The Cure To Loneliness Pt. 2

Jai Wolf: The Cure To Loneliness Pt. 2


May 6th, 2019

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Jai Wolf had no issue packing out The Ogden Theatre for his debut album tour, The Cure To Loneliness. Touring alongside him are none other than Hotel Garuda, and Ford. The Party Guru Press team had the opportunity to check out night two of the two-night stop, and see what Jai Wolf had in store for the sold out Denver show.

Sajeeb Saha, otherwise known as Jai Wolf, is a New York based electronic artist. With now being just over one month since his debut album has been released, along with having a wide variety of official remixes for some huge artists, Jai Wolf has made quite an impact with his music in the last several years. There’s no slowing this man down!

Ford. had the opening duties, playing some very chill lo-fi for the crowd, as the sold out show started to fill up. This was a very nice intro to the show, to ease everyone into the night. Following up directly after his set, Hotel Garuda came out for an upbeat house set to pump everyone up in preparation for Jai Wolf.

Jai Wolf‘s set had the perfect balance between having songs to pull on your emotions, and songs to get you up and jumping around. Jai wolf preformed songs off of his new album, as well as some older hits, and everything in between. The lighting for the show was perfectly timed with each song, along with confetti and fog cannons. This made for an unforgettable night, making the entire show nothing short of an amazing experience.

Jai Wolf‘s three month long tour has yet to come to an end, going all the way through to June 1st. You can find more information on his tour dates here, as well as information on his album.

Photos by Roberto Loya

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