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If you’ve tuned in to the latest EDM news, then you may be aware that Jai Wolf is entering a new era. The beloved Bangladeshi-American producer just announced his upcoming fall dates on the Blue Babu Tour. For Denver fans, he’s coming to Mission Ballroom on September 14th, 2023.

Jai Wolf’s New Era

Jai Wolf’s name has garnered some buzz recently. He is hot off a major Coachella performance, which introduced new songs and visuals alongside his classics like “Indian Summer.” He has also popped up on TikTok through a quirky social media campaign in which various artists (namely not Jai Wolf) say “Hi, I’m Jai Wolf…”

With all this buzz, it’s clear that Jai Wolf is gearing up for a rebirth in anticipation of a new album. The Blue Babu Tour announcement dropped with the phrase, “new music, new show, new era.”

And so far, Jai Wolf’s new music speaks to his new sound. Two lead singles have dropped this spring: “Want It All” featuring Evalyn and “(I Dread The Day He Takes You To) Paris” featuring MYRNE. Both songs feature a refreshing sound: vocal-led breakbeats mixed with the euphoric synths for which Jai Wolf is known.

2023 Fall Tour

Jai Wolf will bring his new era to life on September 14th under the disco ball of Mission Ballroom. This performance will feature opening sets from Kasbo, Evan Giia, and MYRNE (his aforementioned collaborator).

Over the next few months, you may be hearing the tagline of this new era: “It’s time to exit the loop.” It seems like Jai Wolf’s upcoming show will take us out of reality and into somewhere new.

Come exit the loop with Jai Wolf at Mission Ballroom this fall! You can purchase tickets via AXS here. Check out his latest music video for “Want It All” here to get a taste of what’s to come!

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