Subtronics (real name Jesse Kardon) summoned his Cyclops Army to Red Rocks Amphitheatre to experience his Cyclops Rocks III stage show. Thursday’s lineup for this two-day blitz featured an arsenal of fresh talent and face-melting bass, arguably making Cyclops Rocks III one of the most sought-after dubstep events of the year.

Thursday’s Cyclops Rocks III Experience

ARTIX! and Sweettooth kicked off Cyclops Rocks III strong with a back-to-back set. This DJ duo brought a bass-forward sound, slinging mid-tempo beats with heavy drops that headbangers couldn’t resist!

PLUR vibes saturated the air as Leotrix led us through a beautiful sunset. We couldn’t help but absorb his sound as he brewed a unique blend of melodic tunes before heavy bass drops with finesse.

Hol! took over the stage next with ferocity. He dished out a harrowing blend that induced bass-face syndrome everywhere. Rip-roaring tearout bass rumbled through the stands and sent us ragers absolutely wild!

Pendulum then assumed control of Cyclops Rocks III and turned up the heat. Sparks were flying as they transitioned the night to a supercharged drum and bass frenzy. They skillfully mixed D&B drum snares paired with bellowing, horn-like bass before dialing up to lighter, electrified notes!

Subtronics: Cyclops Rocks III

“RED ROCKS WHAT THE F*** IS GOOD?!!” Fans screeched with delight as Kardon greeted us and took his place onstage between two enormous LED visualizer screens. We were about to behold a master of dubstep as he exerted his dominion over Cyclops Rocks!

Kardon’s sound can be described as mechanical, robotic, cyclopsy, and chock-full of rompy bass. He has an exceptional talent for mashing up and layering music into something unexpected. With a wave of his fingertips, he can turn tracks like “Every Time We Touch” into raging, mind-blowing dubstep soundscapes.

Visualizers from his Fractals album and a familiar Cyclops flashed across the gigantic LED screens surrounding him. After spinning a filthy remix of “Griztronics” followed by a face-melting rendition of “Sandstorm” so good it sent chills down our spines, Kardon’s relentless siege carried on throughout the remainder of the night.

At one point, he called upon Cyclops Rocks to bring out our phone flashlights. A sea of lights wavered before Kardon as he threw down another certified mashup hit, “Gassed Up”.

A Fond Farewell

Cyclops Rocks III exceeded all expectations as a groundbreaking event. The variety of different music styles we witnessed, along with impeccable DJ skills, resulted in a new understanding and appreciation of EDM for many. We are extremely hopeful to find Cyclops Rocks on our calendars next year so we can experience it all over again.

Photos by Caitlin Griffith

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