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It Was an LSDream

It Was an LSDream

Brandon Carrick- Brown

December 11th, 2019

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LSDream brought the Universal Wub Tour to the Ogden Theatre on December 6, 2019, alongside Shlump, Stylust and BANKaji. His music journey from Ultra Violet Sound, to Brillz, and now LSDream was a long journey, but the right one. The Ultra Violet Sound band with his wife created the path and idea to work on their music separately. By making the alias Brillz, his dreams came true. He collaborated with ETC ETC where his music got over the hump and he signed with Mad Decent.

Furthermore, LSDream has been curated through the connection of psychedelic art and music. The conversations, meditation and thoughts bring listeners to the inner truth in life through this style of music. Showing love and curating events that bring people together is the ultimate goal. Spreading the love is the purest form of what his music influences. LSDream has always stated that the love you have for yourself and the love you have for other people is what motivates him to keep pushing forward.

Underground Bass

BANKaji starts off the night. The crowd expects slow, filthy bass, and gets exactly that. His set can best be described as slow underground unicorn wubs that speak to the minds of the early night crowd. Transitioning over to Stylust is the perfect setup as the crowd is starting to get packed for the sold out space ship. He is a wild man on stage who isn’t on the mic much because his mixing and song selection speaks for itself.

In a Shlump

Moving on, Shlump is otherworldly and eclectic with plenty of crunchy beats with some spice. Every single person is in heaven with big smiles and groovy dance moves. The vibe and energy is on point as he is taking everyone on a ride into a new realm. The energy is super chill but super heavy. He is mixing Hip-Hop into Trap back into the slow but heavy basslines. That wild hair he has flopping around has the crowd going more wild than a pack a wolves. It is a great thing everyone brought their dancing shoes.

Hello Human

Transitioning into LSDream is an absolute vibe. The message of the night: When you live past feeling and act on judgement, you will conquer all fears! You are not human, but rather a member of the family of light. The message is taking the crowd into a new spiritual dimension. Nothing else matters at this moment other than the energy in the theatre. After a magical ride, Shlump appears on stage for an intimate b2b to end the evening and it is absolutely dreamy. They are honored to premier their new EP Universal Wub.

LSDream Movement

In the end, the evening is a complete success as the Ogden Theatre is completely sold out. The movement LSDream brings to the table is beyond this world. Not only do his messages make these events so unique, but his ideas and visions also bring the perfect energy and spiritual connection between people. If LSDream wants his followers to listen to one particular message from the show, it is this – keep spreading love wherever you go.

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