INZO kept the crowd going all night.

The INZO project is one that has inspired music lovers for years now. His sets are always nothing short of a complete musical journey, from dubstep to melodic bass to the occasional slow trance that feels like a refreshing soundbath. INZO aka Mike Inzano recently relocated from his hometown of Chicago to Denver. Now, five years after the release of his hit song “Overthinker,” Inzano continues to reach new career milestones. On Friday, October 6th, he brought his unique music to The Mishawaka in Bellvue, Colorado.

INZO opened up the night with an “INZO and Friends” set. These performances are always fun because they get the crowd in early, and we never know who we’ll get to see up on stage! INZO treated the crowd to a big back-to-back with fellow producers ALIGN, Blookah and Dreamers Delight. We weren’t sure what to expect and were treated to a little bit of everything. The set started off with high energy, transitioning between house, dub, and the wide range in between. It was inspiring to see Blookah bring some of the sounds of SSKWAN to life, and to see all of the artists bring their individual styles to the table in a way that seemed to mesh perfectly together.

This massive back-to-back was not one to miss!

After this legendary back-to-back, we were treated to another Colorado favorite, sfam. This New Orleans-based duo always brings the heat, and they certainly didn’t hold back during this set. Surprisingly, they said this was their first time ever at The Mishawaka, and they described it as “magical.” They continued to drop fan favorites as well as lots of brand new bangers for their entire hour up on stage.

All of the artists brought their A-game to the Mishawaka.

Last, but certainly not least, INZO took the stage by himself for the main event. He played lots of unreleased music, including multiple new collabs with LSDream. He also treated us to lots of surprises of all kinds, like a Star Wars segment and his own edit of LSDream’s “Ace of Cups,” putting the whole crowd into a slow, meditative-like state. He also brought Blookah back out, who announced that he had moved to Denver this year. INZO described him as “another transplant!” Towards the end, he also brought Dreamers Delight back out to play their collab together. The whole thing felt like a movie, and it’s not every show that we are treated to lasers and production of that degree at The Mishawaka!

The production was top-notch all night.

From the moment INZO started playing to the very last song, it was clear to everyone that this was an extremely monumental moment for him. His whole set seemed to tell a story, from the deep bass to the melodic ending. He kept hopping on the mic to say how beautiful the night was and how thankful he was to be up there.

INZO is local to Denver and is constantly popping up right and left, so don’t fret if you missed this set. He’s sure to continue to do great things, between his beautiful music and inspiring outlook on life. We can’t wait to see what he’s got in store next!

To keep up with INZO, go to and follow him on the linked social media accounts.

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