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Introducing Denver’s Newest Outdoor Event Series: Discology Dance In Distance

Introducing Denver’s Newest Outdoor Event Series: Discology Dance In Distance

Kierstin Rounsefell

December 18th, 2020

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Dance In Distance

Party Guru Productions and Discology have teamed up to bring a brand new outdoor, weekly event series to Denver. Introducing Discology Dance In Distance!

Each week, people in various cities across the United States can gather in small, socially-distanced groups at outdoor locations. Here, they can enjoy an hour and fifteen minutes of music and meditation. Each installation provides live music from one or two DJs and meditation from one guide. The general mission of Discology is to help the world “feel more connected between themselves, their community, and each other.” Click here to see a video about the event series.

Recently, Party Guru Productions got the chance to speak with one of the names behind Discology, Josh Pollack. We learned more about how Discology started, what the events are like, and what’s coming up for them in 2021.

Behind The Scenes

Josh has been involved in the music industry since falling in love with listening to music and attending concerts. Soon after, he realized that he wanted to pursue a career in the industry. He completed “some internships with a booking agency, a record label, and a corporate promoter” before throwing afterparties and eventually shows. Josh is also co-owner of Euphonic Conceptions, Gem & Jam, and Wave Spell.

In June of this year, one of Josh’s friends that actually developed the concept of Discology reached out to him. “We had worked on some other projects in the past, and when he explained what Discology is and its purpose, I jumped on the opportunity to become involved,” Josh stated.

Cultivating Connections

People need to consistently have meaningful connections with others in order to maintain a positive state of mind. This year, many have found it difficult to have these interactions with others on both small and large scales.

Health regulations pertaining to COVID-19 have really changed what the general public can and cannot do safely. This year has been extremely difficult for many people without the presence of live events. This is where Discology comes in.

We asked Josh about how Discology is working towards their mission of connecting people with others in their community and the world. He explained that they are doing this in the safest way possible. “We believe there is a way to remain safe, adhere to health guidelines, while also providing a space to come together, and experience music and dance as healing and connection while staying distanced and taking the necessary precautions to stay safe and healthy.”

Furthermore, Discology is unique in the fact that attendees are listening to DJs and guides at the same time as those in other cities. “We have our artists playing remotely, so people attending Discology are dancing to the same music in multiple cities simultaneously, which is a cool element of connection on a larger scale.” So, individuals are connecting with themselves, the immediate group of those around them, and others that are also listening to the event all around the world.

Guides and Meditation

Discology is geared towards improving the mental health of those in attendance. This is, of course, done through the live music provided and safe interactions with others. Discology dives even deeper into this idea by providing guides and meditation at each event. This proves that this event series is quite groundbreaking and unique.

“Having a professional somatic therapist or meditation teacher as a guide makes the Discology experience a meaningful journey rather than a party vibe. Something as simple as calling people into their bodies and reminding them to be aware of breathing and movement is a helpful reminder that being intentional with ourselves and our surroundings can yield tangible results on improving mental health.”

What To Expect

Josh filled us in on what a Discology Dance In Distance event is like. “Expect to dance outdoors, socially distanced and wearing masks, without the presence of the DJ or a visual element other than the natural beauty of outdoor surroundings.” Check out this video highlighting what these events are like!

Basically, this will feel like a silent disco, but there won’t be a stage or DJ. Just you, a few others, and the great outdoors. Additionally, you’ll be using your own cell phone and headphones to stream the music and guides. In fact, Discology was actually created as “an alternative to the normal live music experience within the confines of a venue. We want people to see Discology as a routine, similar to a yoga or dance class, that isn’t a huge time or financial commitment, and doesn’t involve so many layers of variables.”

Josh also noted that in order to stream the event, you’ll need to be at the provided location. The audio can not be streamed from your home.

You can also expect to feel better overall after the event! Discology asks attendees to rate their feelings before and after the event on a scale of one to five. According to Josh, “we are consistently seeing that people are actually feeling much better overall after Discology. That to me is a huge accomplishment in and of itself, as we want to help make more people feel better and provide some support through their personal process.”

Coming Up

On Discology’s Facebook page, they currently have events scheduled through February 2021. They plan to follow through with all of these events as well as keep them going once live music and shows return. Josh clarified that Discology actually started before the COVID-19 pandemic, so they will most definitely be able to continue providing cities with these safe, enlightening experiences as time progresses.

On Thursdays, Discology events will be held on the covered, heated patio outside of Mile High Spirits. This is exciting news because attendees can also enjoy the miniature holiday market taking place in their tasting room. Moreover, there will be exclusive happy hour specials available on their food and drinks. Any future events scheduled to be held at Cheesman Park may also be moved to Mile High Spirits in the case of adverse weather.

Moving forward, “Denver and other cities can look forward to the consistency and quality that we are providing,” Josh said. Saturday, December 5th, was the kickoff for Discology events in Denver. Attendees gathered at the pavilion in Cheesman Park and listened to live music from Flamingosis. On December 19th, music will be streamed from Quantic.

New Years Eve

Discology is also going to be putting on a special New Years Eve event! This will feature some of our favorite sets from the past year of Discology. Artists will include The Crystal Method, Mark Farina, HÄANA, iLL esha, and more. This event won’t require you to leave the comfort of your home. In fact, it can be streamed from wherever you decide to spend your NYE.

Colorado residents will get to enjoy some of the best of the Discology sessions that occurred in 2020. This will definitely up the anticipation for when this one of a kind, socially distanced dance series resumes in January.

This event is FREE to sign up for. By signing up, Discology will also be raising money for a great cause. For every person that checks-in to dance at the Discology NYE event, they will donate $2 to a handful of local yoga studios that are struggling to stay afloat. So, by attending the exciting dance-worthy NYE event, you will get to enjoy yourself as well as help out our local community. Check out the schedule below and click here to sign up!

Set times:
Mark Farina & iLL Esha: 1:15pst-2:30pst
HÄANA & Amp Live: 2:30pst-3:45pst
The Funk Hunters & WALA: 3:45pst-5:00pst
The Crystal Method & DJ Silly Syl: 5:00pst-6:15pst


“The amount of positive feedback each week has been astounding,” Josh said. Quite frankly, we are not surprised to hear this. Discology is bringing unique, in-person live music and mediation events to a handful of cities across the United States. Even more so, they’re doing it safely and with beautiful intentions.

If you love getting outside, dancing, listening to live music, meditating, and connecting with others, Discology is for you. Truly, Discology can be for everyone. This new, innovative concept is something that people haven’t seen before and should be excited about.

Discology has hour and fifteen-minute events scheduled every Thursday evening and on select Saturday afternoons. They also provide Recess, which is a short twenty-minute at-home session scheduled on Tuesday afternoons to get you up and away from your screen. Discology is FREE! All you have to do is save your spot online before heading outside.

“If you are interested in checking out a Discology event, or bringing Discology to your city, please visit our website to sign up.”

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