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Interview: We Get to Know One-Half Of The Floozies Before Their Upcoming Denver Show

Interview: We Get to Know One-Half Of The Floozies Before Their Upcoming Denver Show


February 8th, 2020

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Matt Hill and Mark Hill, musically known as The Floozies are known for their unique approach to electronic music. With Matt being a producer and guitarist while Mark is a drummer, it is clear this duo is able to create the perfect sense of electro-funk.

Every time the Floozies perform, it is full of improvision as they are known to never have a setlist, any samples or anything pre-recorded, creating a special experience for the crowd full of music from classic funk, electro-funk, hip hop, and disco.

This duo has been thriving since 2008, through sold-out shows across the United States, and appearing at festivals like Summer Camp and Camp Bisco. Also, this duo have played in Colorado at the Boulder Theater, Decadence and Red Rocks Amphitheater.

Party Guru Press: We are so stoked to be meeting with you today.  My name is Madison and I’ll be conducting the interview today. Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with us!

Matt: Absolutely, thanks for having me! Mark is in San Diego, so you will just be speaking with me today.

Awesome, that sounds great. Thank you for your time! We’ll go ahead and jump right into things with the first question. Are you looking forward to performing at Denver’s best new venue, Mission Ballroom, for the first time? Have you heard any good news about the venue itself so far?

Yeah, I am excited. I’ve heard it’s a really cool venue from everyone who’s been there. I’m probably gonna wear a tux if I can get fitted in time. (laughs)

What’s the reasoning behind the awesome – but somewhat funny tour name? [the Dayglow Funk tour]

Oh! Umm, a while ago somebody tried to insult us on Twitter and implied that I [we] were stealing it because we liked it so much. (laughs)

That’s so funny. The Floozies has been a project for how many years now? Did you two pursue any musical projects before The Floozies and if so what were they? 

Um, I think it’s about 12 years now we’ve been doing the Floozies. Mark and I didn’t have any projects together before this, but like, we both played in separate bands growing up. I had a friend that played drums before him, so I’d occasionally play music with him. But other than that, The Floozies was our first project. 

What would you two be doing if you were not DJ’s?

Umm, I don’t know man.

I know, a strange question.

I’ve been getting into woodworking, maybe I’d be a carpenter. And Mark? Maybe he’d be doing MMA or professional bodybuilding or something. (laughs)

You recently collaborated on a track with Colorado local Dirt Monkey. How was this experience? Do you see yourselves collaborating more in the future?

Oh, I hope so — it was great, he killed it, his part of it. It’s so cool to make songs with people who make music differently than I would because it’s a true amalgamation of what we’re both best at. So he’s got all these wompy bass sounds, and all of my soft touches, it’s cool! I really liked it. It’s going to be Track One on the album.

Any other artists on your dream collab bucket list?

Oh man, I don’t know! I would have loved to have done a song with Chris Cornell while he was still alive or some of the first EDM stuff I got into. But mostly Chris Cornell.

What are some of your favorite festivals to hit each year? What are some you want to attend but haven’t yet?

I really like Summer Camp and Electric Forest. I wish I could play Vision every year, too, because that’s in Costa Rica.

What is YOUR individual dream accomplishments look like in the next 10 years? Individually and together as the Floozies.

I’d love to get that third Red Rocks trophy, we have two, I want three. It will just look cooler. I’d love to get into film scoring — it might sound unrealistic but at one point for us so was headlining Red Rocks, so yeah. I’d also love to have my house paid off. That’d be cool too. (laughs)

The most stressful question of all. What is your favorite color?

Matt: (laughs) Probably the powder blue that’s in our logo and that’s on my guitar

If you haven’t secured your tickets to see The Floozies at the Mission Ballroom this Saturday, click here. To stay updated with this duo follow their social media accounts below!






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