Glass Cases is a pop / synth-rock band from Fort Collins, Colorado. Alex Van Keulen is bass/vocals, Austin Seitfert is piano/ukulele/spoken-word vocals, and Cameron Greene is the drummer. The vocals of Alex and the spoken-word stylings of Austin paired with the unique sounds of bass with ukulele and piano over the rhythm of drums gives Glass Cases a wholely original sound. Party Guru Productions had an opportunity to sit down with the band and do a short Q&A.

Image provided by Glass Cases.

How Glass Cases Began

To start, please tell me a little bit about yourselves and how you got into music.

Austin: “I’m Austin! I am the ukulele, piano, rapper of the band. I started playing the piano because my grandmother taught me at an early age. Later, I picked up the guitar and taught myself. After college, Alex and I got together, and we started playing more seriously and started a band”.

Cameron: “My name is Cameron. I got surprised with an electric drum set on Christmas when I was in 6th grade. That is how I started playing. My dad got it for me. I have been playing ever since then. I never really had formal lessons, but I have been playing consistently since then. And then, I played a lot for a church and different worship groups and stuff like that. I met these guys and started playing with them about three years ago”.

Alex: “I am Alex. I am the singer and I play bass guitar for the band. I grew up playing acoustic guitar, strictly acoustic guitar. It is kind of what got me into music and singing in general. Then, when Austin and I decided to start making our own music I dove into the actual computer side that Austin was pretty good at. Like, actually creating tracks. The more electronic side of music. I learned how to play bass once we actually started the band and got better at singing”.

Thank you for sharing that. Next, when and how did Glass Cases begin?

Austin: “It started when Alex and I played soccer in college. Soccer was our thing. We did it 24/7 and wanted to go pro. After college when that kind of died off we had all this drive to do something and we really didn’t know what to do. So, we just kind of threw it all into music. It wasn’t until I moved out to Fort Collins where Alex was living, cause he had a job up there, it wasn’t until then until we were like, ‘Hey! Let’s maybe just start a band and see where it goes!’ That was like three and a half years ago now. That’s crazy. But, that was kind of the beginning of Glass Cases. It wasn’t until a little bit later that we met Cam. Cam’s really good at telling this story so I think he should take over”.

Cameron: “I moved to Denver after graduating college about 3 years ago and I didn’t really know anyone. I got invited by some people that I had met through a variety of ways to what was basically a tea party on a Friday night. At this tea party I met Alex and Austin and they sang some tunes for everyone. Everyone was swaying and getting into it. I started talking to them and they told me that they didn’t have a drummer. We jammed the next day”.

It sounds like it was the middle of 2017 when everything started coming together?

Alex: “Yeah, and we met Cameron in September”.

Earlier this year you had an album release party at Red Rocks Amphitheater in Denver, correct?

Cameron: “We tried to. The show actually got canceled because of COVID”.

Glass Cases & COVID-19

That is horrible! So, what were you working on before Covid hit?

Alex: “We were finishing up the album and getting ready to hit it off with a bunch of shows. We wanted to continue our development in the live Colorado scene. I think with Red Rocks being the capstone to that it really changed our outlook. We have been kinda waiting on that ever since. But, we’ve made some nice adjustments to keep ourselves occupied and creative since live music isn’t an option right now”.

Austin: “It was a bummer because we had Taste of Fort Collins which we were the local winner of, we had a show lined up with CSU for a skate show, and we just started kicking it off. We had other small gigs lined up. We were about to hit the summer hard, maybe hit a few festivals, and then it all dropped”.

That’s rough. So, what have you been doing to work through the pandemic?

Cameron: “One of the biggest things that we had the opportunity to work on, which is weird because we just released an album not long ago, was working on a song. We were blessed in that because we had the opportunity to come together and work on that song and be able to record it even though COVID season is happening. Another thing that kind of preoccupied us was, with winning Taste of Fort Collins even though there wasn’t an in-person live show, we got to record a really cool video that was put up for the virtual Taste of Fort Collins. We’ve had some more time to focus in on social media presence. We’ve also been meeting up for band practice about every week or two just to stay connected and stay sharp and be ready to go for when places begin to open back up again”.

Alex: “Me personally, I feel like I was inspired by all that was going on to write this new song. I sort of feel like that is the making lemonade out of lemons sort of situation. Otherwise, I don’t know if I would have ever written a new song. That’s my silver lining of COVID”.

New Music Video

You guys just launched a GoFundMe page. Tell me about that and what it’s for.

Alex: “We are making a music video for the new song. The GoFundMe is to fundraise to help cover some of the costs. As you can imagine, we have income from shows. Every year we have had it tabulated, like a couple of grand that comes into the band and is purely our money to dispose of for band stuff, that disappeared this year. So, getting a little extra help from fans, friends, and family through the GoFundMe and just getting people involved and being able to give out some merch is what we’re doing”.

Cameron: “I think what we have kind of noticed is that a lot of bigger artist get sustained revenue from streaming and sales. But when you are local and smaller the biggest portion of our income had come from playing shows. With that being taken away we wanted to shoot a music video but it’s going to cost some money. We were like, ‘How much do we have in the fund? Oh, I guess we don’t really have anything because we haven’t made any money in like a year now’. So that’s basically really letting them know our story and seeing if there are fans and family out there who would be willing to support us to help us make it happen”.

What else would you like readers to know about your band?

Austin: “I just want people to know that we like to have a lot of fun with our gigs. We want people to move around and have a good time but also just dive into the music and let the words just sink in and affect them and see how they’re feeling about it and relate to it. Hopefully. Outside of that we just like meeting new people. We are a very social band. On Instagram, all of our followers, we try to connect with them and talk with them through DM. We’ll shoot a message to them and say, ‘Hey, how’s your day going?’ You know, ‘what’s going on with you? How are things?’ It’s just a really unique situation because this is the first band that we have ever been in and to have a following has been awesome! So, to connect with them and share, like some people share music with us, or I’ve had the opportunity to write music to one of our fan’s lyrics. It’s been really sweet. So, we just like connecting with the fans, meeting them, and also just having a good time at shows.

Photos By Jesse Haswell

That about does it! Be sure to check out Glass Cases on their social media below.

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