Info: SimpleCrew Capabilities

All marketing marketing will be documented via Simple Crew, which can be viewed by you at anytime. Simple Crew allows the client to view the time, location and actual clientele your ,marketing materials are being distributed to. Please see below:

You’re marketing materials will be tracked in it’s own individual campaign that is constantly updated as promotional assets are distributed. (Sonic Bloom will be used as our example)

You can then see images of your materials being distributed on site.

This information will be documented by each team member while marketing at multiple venues in the same evening

You can view the full geographical coverage of the marketing so you can see everywhere you materials were distributed during the campaign.

Party Guru has a team of veteran street team specialists that have been with the company anywhere from 6 months 3 years. All members will be at each venue and the overall process is supervised carefully. The client simply needs to have materials ready for pick up and let our team do the rest. Once the campaign is complete you can view the results of our marketing efforts.