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Ill.Gates Blows the Roof off of Cervantes’

Ill.Gates Blows the Roof off of Cervantes’


September 19th, 2019

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ill.Gates has been performing for the past 16 years and he still has it! Cervantes’ was not ready for this wild performance. His reputation as one of the best electronic artists around was seen to be true as he blew the crowds’ mind with his music as well as the production. The visuals were absolutely mesmerizing.

Gates has collaborations with industry veterans such as Datsik, Bassnectar, Ana Sia, Opiuo, T.O.B., Vibesquad, Mimosa and more. He is on labels including Muti Music, Amorphous Music, Child’s Play/Om Records, Addictech, Noodles, Innerflight, Low Motion, Made in Glitch, Tube10, and Chi Recordings. While on tour, Gates will often teach music workshops to fans that will appreciate it. He shares his extremely effective views on producing music as well as mindful tips on being in the industry.

The Night Begins with Ahee

Ahee opened for ill.Gates with a phenomenal performance that got the crowd absolutely pumped. Ahee is based out of Los Angeles, California. His music is a unique experience of weird bass music that electrifies the whole venue. This was the perfect opening act for ill.Gates. Best of all, most of the music he performs is original material! His stage presence is also phenomenal. Similar to Gates, Ahee is constantly very high energy on stage. This is a very good trait to have an electronic musician as it keeps the audience energy very high. With EDM, the openers usually have to be really talented to impress the crowd. So, huge props to Ahee for slaying it!

ill.Gates Closes out the Party the Best Way Possible

Gates finished the night strong, with the crowd still very hyped. There was so much energy on that dance-floor. He has such a unique way of connecting with every single person. You can truly feel the music pulsing through you.

The whole set was a continuous blaze of drum kits and bass that rattled your whole body. This was this writer’s first time seeing ill.Gates live, and we are definitely huge fans after that experience. He lived up to being one of the most respected names in the bass scene. There is something about the way Gates sculpts his sound that seems insanely unique. The transitions into the filthy drops were so effortless and flowed very well. Not only that, each track is very unique in its own way. mixing elements of trap, dubstep and bass music in general, they all share the experimental style that Gates created for himself.

Photos by Ash Daniels

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