Colorado-based producer iAM_Jacko is relatively new to the scene. Yet those who have heard his unique sound already know him as a remix master. His top tracks are mashups of “Griztronics” and “Day ‘N’ Nite,” and both have achieved viral status.

However, iAM_Jacko’s legacy is only beginning. The producer is releasing his debut EP: Remixes of Love on August 11th via SoundCloud and YouTube. With this release, iAM_Jacko has cemented his reputation as an artist who can flip any track into a bass music anthem. Remixes of Love is a testament to iAM_Jacko’s talent as an up-and-coming producer.

Who is iAM_Jacko?

iAM_Jacko, otherwise known as Jack Zapfel, is a young producer who grew up in Connecticut but has found a new home in Colorado over the past seven years. He began to make a name for himself after starting to DJ in 2019 by opening for notable artists like The Crystal Method, Trampa and He$h. Ever since, he has played to sold-out crowds and supported other big acts like Champagne Drip, Smoakland, and Jantsen.

Over the past few years, Zapfel has transitioned from focusing on DJing to polishing his craft in production. Remixes of Love is a shining achievement birthed from this newfound focus on sound design. On his debut EP, iAM_Jacko flips an eclectic group of songs into his signature sound: a unique mix of future bass and freeform bass.

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Remixes of Love EP

To start, the EP’s lead single is a remix of “Molly” by Lil Dicky featuring Brendon Urie. Zapfel turns this heartfelt song about balancing a music career and a relationship into an impactful banger. Zapfel’s production especially shines in the chorus, when Urie’s powerful vocals blend with a huge drop of wobbly bass lines and shimmering synths.

Next, iAM_Jacko shows off a similarly innovative approach to another pop/hip-hop track. This remix flips Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ “Growing Up” featuring Ed Sheeran. It highlights Zapfel’s love for experimental dubstep, as he adds trippy basslines to Ed Sheeran’s vocals in a heavy-hitting drop.

“Growing Up” is followed by a remix of a classic: Bruce Springsteen’s “Thunder Road.” This “iAM_Jacko FL!P” is a special combination of old and new sounds. Unexpectedly, the second drop is a total switch-up from the first. This one is guaranteed to shake up the dance floor with its trap-inspired beats and psychedelic sound effects!

Closing out the EP is a remix of Birdy’s “Skinny Love.” This remix has been floating around online and in live performances since 2022, but the track finally takes its rightful place in the context of this EP. This rendition of “Skinny Love” is fully blissed out, a mixture of powerful bass, riffing on the keys, and Birdy’s angelic vocals. Rightfully, the track has already racked up over 6,000 plays.

An important note about this tracklist is that all four of the original songs have a connection to aspects of Zapfel’s life. For example, “Thunder Road” is his father’s all-time favorite song. These special touches make Remixes of Love a very personal record, proving Zapfel is ready to show the world who he is on his debut EP.  

The most impressive feat of Remixes of Love is that these four diverse source songs become sonically cohesive after they are transformed by Zapfel’s touch. Pop, rap, and classic rock records all become blissful bass anthems once they are released under the iAM_Jacko name.

See iAM_Jacko Live

While iAM_Jacko’s recent focus on production has clearly paid off, he is also perfecting his live performance. Those who catch iAM_Jacko live will get to hear Remixes of Love in a novel way.

At iAM_Jacko’s last performance, Zapfel’s close friend Emma Stern performed the choruses live for both “Growing Up” and “Molly.” These unique additions show that Zapfel is well on his way to becoming a sensation on the live stage.

To get a taste of Zapfel’s live shows, you can listen to his skilled mixing on the Remixes of Love Mixtape (which comes with a full-length visualizer on Rumble). This 25-minute teaser for the EP incorporates all four tracks from his debut release, along with many other remixes.

For those looking to see iAM_Jacko live, you can catch him at The Black Box on August 10th, performing at the Alphabeat Soup series. With Remixes of Love as his debut EP, it is clear that iAM_Jacko’s journey is just beginning.

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