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Hoodie Allen Transports The Other Side to Whatever USA

Hoodie Allen Transports The Other Side to Whatever USA

Kierstin Rounsefell

October 16th, 2019

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Hoodie Allen is an American rapper that has been creating, producing, and performing his own music for almost ten years. Known to family and friends as Steven Adam Markowitz, Hoodie Allen has performed at countless venues across the United States. In addition to his own headlining tours in North America, he has also touched down internationally in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.

Over the years, Hoodie Allen has collaborated on upbeat, rhythmic tracks with artists including Blackbear, and even Ed Sheeran. Some of the artist’s most popular tracks that have been played out millions of times, such as “No Interruption“, “Intro to Anxiety“, and “Come Around” with Christian French.

Sunday Brings Jake Miller

On Sunday, September 6th, Hoodie Allen brought Phase One of his Whatever USA tour to Cervantes’ The Other Side in downtown Denver. This is a smaller, club-style room that is adjacent to Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom. 450 people can all comfortably fit into the room where there is a small stage in the front, a bar along one of the sides, and some seating in the back.

Opening up the sold-out evening was another rapper hailing from Florida, Jake Miller. This rapper also produces and performs his own music, but it feels a little bit more pop-oriented, as there is more singing on his tracks in addition to rapping. Crowd favorites included “Overnight“, “Dazed and Confused” featuring Travie McCoy, and “Palm Blvd“.

Jake Miller and band shown above

The stage energy and engagement from Jake Miller was absolutely stellar. He had almost everyone in the entire crowd jumping up and down and waving their hands from side to side for the whole set. He even got down into the crowd to sing “Lionheart” up close and personal with fans. Throughout his set, Jake Miller also played the piano, guitar, and drum pad, making for a very versatile performance.

Hoodie Allen Brings a Performance

After a short intermission, the crowd was ready for Hoodie Allen! He opened with “Whatever USA“, hyping up the crowd as he adorned a brown jacket and his signature round sunglasses. On stage, he was accompanied by a bassist, guitarist, drummer, and keyboardist. All 4 band members were interacting with the crowd as well as Hoodie Allen, making for yet another super engaging set. In addition to live instrumentation, Hoodie Allen also had visuals on an LED screen behind him, consisting of custom graphics or clips from his music videos.

Hoodie Allen and band shown above

At one point during the night, Hoodie Allen shouted out a girl who was attending the show on her birthday. Instead of having everyone traditionally sing “Happy Birthday” to her, he sang “Surprise Birthday“, featuring Blackbear. The band brought out a bunch of balloons that they threw into the crowd as well which made a really special moment.

Later on, NSYNC and T Pain covers had the crowd singing along with every word. He even threw a cake into the audience during “Cake Boy”. Of course, he closed the night by riding on his signature inflatable raft over the entire audience and back to the stage.


For anyone that hasn’t seen a Hoodie Allen set before, we highly recommend it. Even if you aren’t familiar with his music, the show is so much fun! He combines upbeat music with endless positive energy, and does his best to make sure everyone has a great time. He has been producing, performing, and touring since he was in college. It was amazing to see how much time and passion he puts into his projects, and how proud of everything he is.

Allen will be finishing up Phase One of his Whatever USA tour throughout the rest of this month. Additional dates after that haven’t been announced yet. We suggest keeping a close eye on his website for more information and tickets to the rest of the shows. In the meantime, check out some of his music below!

Photos by: Patrik Essy

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