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Filth and Dubstep on the Hill with HE$H

Filth and Dubstep on the Hill with HE$H


October 9th, 2019

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While Sluggtopia took over Red Rocks this past weekend, Joey “HE$H” Verrando stopped by the Fox Theatre on the Hill. He brought the filth of riddim to Colorado bass music lovers for his Burner Posse tour. The tour began in August in San Francisco, and made its way to Boulder and Fort Collins this past weekend. This past Saturday and Sunday Colorado received an unforgettable night of heavy tunes catered to his devoted bass music fans. Openers Derpstra, IAM_JACKO, and local Boulder bass duo IIVX opened the night. They brought some filthy heat to prepare the small, iconic Fox theatre for its HE$H debut.

Filth brought by IIVX

HE$H has gained local and global popularity in the EDM scene throughout the past few years. This popularity came through his tracks being played out by huge names in the scene, such as Excision and Downlink. Since then, the young Soundcloud DJ’s name has been a household one. His style includes insanely quick, sharp and aggressive-style riddim and dubstep, and otherwise somewhat barbaric lyrics and song titles. All of this adds up for an unforgettable live performance and an even crazier energy when he enters the room.

Filth brought by He$h

Filth and Dubstep All Night Long

Artists Derpstra, IAM_JACKO and IIVX opened the night with some classic dubstep tracks. They kept the night abuzz with an energy and the crowd was ready to headbang. IIVX included two of their heavy original tracks in their set. These songs had the crowd leaning over the front sides of the stage headbanging and dancing all night.

Filth brought by He$h

HE$H began his set around 11:15 pm and brought the filth out right away. Track after track of remixes of his own work, as well as remixes and riddim chops, and clips from other artist’s tracks, including but not limited to: Al Ross, OG NIXIN, Ray Volpe, Gentlemens Club, and Bommer. He dropped some of his most popular tracks on his Soundcloud, but made sure to never play out a song he made without chopping it or mixing it up in some way. He$H dropped “BOUT MY GUAP,” mixed it with “BEAM ON DA HIP,” and “SHOOTOUT,” all mixing them quickly and chopping them in different directions to hear different bits from each track. This set was an amazing one for any riddim and dubstep lover. The artists brought a different HEAVY, dirty South energy to the otherwise peaceful venue.


The Burner Posse tour was an experience unlike any other and left all the Colorado music lovers who attended in awe of such a heavy and talented artists. Without a doubt HE$H is notorious for bringing incredibly unique, filth-inspired and most importantly, DIFFERENT sets every single time he performs, which is quite a difficult task for any artist. HE$H has proven throughout his work ethic performing live and his popular Soundcloud tracks posted that he has come into the electronic music scene, and most specifically the riddim and dubstep scene, to bring HIS unique style, and HE$H is here to stay.

Photos by David Maxwell Zanvil Cohn

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