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Haunted House Music: Malaa at the Boulder Theater

Haunted House Music: Malaa at the Boulder Theater

Samantha Williams

September 18th, 2019

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On Friday the 13th, a masked man entered the Boulder Theater, preparing to give house music fans ear-splitting, haunted beats. That man’s name: Malaa. Last Friday was horribly spooky, as well as unapologetically grimey. With support from local artists Haasy and Derdy Harry, Boulder Theater was not only a temple of house music, but also bass music. While the identity of Malaa is still unknown, his notorious style isn’t. He made sure to keep impressing his fans until this infamously haunted night ended.

Haasy and Derdy Harry Open up the Night

First to play on the stage was the artist Haasy, who showed the crowd some crafty deep house mixing. Though the night was just beginning, the crowd’s vibration was horribly spirited. It was pretty much what you would expect on a harvest moon. The Aspen native, and self taught guitar player kept the energy uplifting as he would switch between deep and bass house. He even included his newest single “In Da Club,”also featuring NEVERGLOW and Syrenne. Boulder is a known city for many producers that have managed to obtain huge fan bases. It seems that Haasy and Derdy Harry aren’t too far from that image.

Derdy Harry, a producer local to Denver, maintained the liveliness as he offered direct support for Malaa. Derdy Harry likes to describe himself as an artist that makes a “fun mix between bass and tech house,” and that’s certainly the show he put on for those in Boulder. He dropped his track “My Speakers,” as well as a plethora of unreleased originals, which should be coming very soon. As the night progressed, the crowd filed in, filling up the floor in true house club spirit. As the temperature inside rose, so was the heat of Derdy Harry’s production. Soon enough, it was time for the legend himself.

Malaa Plays Some Haunted House Music

Malaa is one of the most established house artists in the EDM scene to date. The last time he was in Colorado, he was co-headlining Red Rocks with the Pardon My French group that includes DJ Snake, Tchami, and Mercer. Having him back at an intimate venue was nothing but a treat. Malaa is known to fuse future house and deep house to give an essence of musical darkness that was perfect for this seemingly haunted Friday the 13th.

He didn’t hesitate to drop bangers, which included his new collab with Rezz, as well as the Pardon My French hit “Made in France”. His set also included several VIPs of his most popular songs like “Notorious” and “Bling Bling,” as well as a recent release “Revolt,” featuring Jacknife. Malaa’s ominous sound paired well with a striking light show of syncopated lasers. A simple screen sat behind him as well. This helped maintain focus on the musical experience he was creating. With a bottle of Jack Daniels in his hand and a cigarette in his mouth, Malaa was a classic image of dastardly beat-making that fans have come to love him by.


Any night centered around house music is a good one. This haunted Friday the 13th in Boulder did not disappoint as well. Lucky enough for fans, Haasy is putting on another show at the Fox Theatre on September 18th. Derdy Harry doesn’t have any more show dates yet, but is part of a Boulder based collective New Something Records, which showcases events around the area. And the house icon himself — Malaa, just played at the Insomniac festival Nocturnal Wonderland. He will also be hitting Paris, and then Freaky Deaky Festival in the next couple weeks. If you’re looking to taste a little bit more house music soon, get the scoop on local events happening near you, and make sure to follow Party Guru Productions on social media.

Haunted House Music: Malaa at Boulder Theater
MALAA- Friday the 13th

Photos by Adi Sadeh

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