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Group Therapy with Anjuna Family Brings Awe to Red Rocks

Group Therapy with Anjuna Family Brings Awe to Red Rocks

Samantha Williams

September 24th, 2019

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Group Therapy at Red Rocks
Above & Beyond performing at Red Rocks

On Friday, September 20th, it was again time for a gathering under the night sky at Red Rocks Amphitheatre. There was an extravagant Anjuna family celebration hosted by none other than Above & Beyond. The evening was illustrious. A&B hosted sunset yoga, and invited Spencer Brown and Gabriel & Dresden to complement their Group Therapy at Red Rocks. The sets were sometimes ominous and progressive, but also uplifting, a perfect musical variation for the late September date.

Sunset Yoga and Spencer Brown Begin the Night

To begin the night, A&B brought a unique Flow State set to Red Rocks, lead by yogi Elena Brower. Brower posed people through sunset yoga, while a specially curated soundtrack played. The playlist featured tracks off A&B’s newly released album Flow State. When the light hit the horizon, and the air became brisk, it was time for Spencer Brown, a renowned Anjuna member. Brown is a younger producer, and has made himself well-known for spinning a diverse mix of trance, house, and techno. This was exactly his status quo at Red Rocks. His set varied from inspiring tracks and often devolved into bass-heavy mixing. As the night progressed, so did the trance, and the crowd was prepared for the legendary duo Gabriel & Dresden.

The Party Continues with Gabriel & Dresden

Gabriel & Dresden have found and maintained fame from their inception, through their reunion in 2011, and into this day. Gabriel & Dresden decided to mix through a more electronica set, as opposed to Spencer Brown’s techno route. They didn’t hesitate to feature popular remixes of their songs, like “You,” the Myon and Elevven remix, as well as feature their traditional hits. In preparation for their new album entitled Remedy, G&D also showcased unreleased content. While we’re unsure about what songs from their new project could have been featured in their set, it’s safe to say that their Red Rocks performance was a great teaser. As Gabriel & Dresden came to a close, there emerged the spectacle everyone had been waiting for.

Group Therapy at Red Rocks

Above & Beyond have distinguished themselves as some of most influential contributors to trance music in history. Their constant touring, album releases, Group Therapy compilations, and overall commitment to the distribution of their music makes them,in short, absolutely excellent.

Indeed their Red Rocks performance was no different. They opened with the legendary Grum remix of “Is it Love,” and poetically enough, ended the night with their emotional hit “Thing Called Love”. In between it was a mix of tracks from Common Ground, We Are All We Need, and their latest song with Seven Lions, called “See the End”. The night was breathtaking as the Anjuna creators wrote moving messaged on the screen behind them, with salient lasers, and a screen that fit the entirety of the stage. A&B’s production has yet to be disappointing — their message and skill is unparalleled, and their fan base is nothing but accepting. Above & Beyond at Red Rocks was, again, other-worldly.

Group Therapy at Red Rocks
Above & Beyond performing at Red Rocks

To conclude, Anjuna family creates a spectacle that no music-lover should ever miss. The feeling of witnessing a Group Therapy style show catered by Above & Beyond is one of complete happiness. Not to worry, the feeling doesn’t have to go away. As Spencer Brown continues to travel, Gabriel & Dresden will actually come back to Denver shortly for Supernatural Festival. As for Above & Beyond, they’re on to perform at ABGT350 with their Red Rocks support, and then hopefully Decadence, or Red Rocks again next year.

Photos by Mark Munson

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