Global Dance Festival 2022 Excision

The festival landscape has seen its fair share of changes recently. Mainstream festivals have been surviving, while smaller, more local gatherings have been forced to adapt or halt operations. The Denver music scene has always thrived, consistently supporting its diverse and abundant music offerings. Any night of the week, you can catch an amazing show at one of the many venues scattered throughout the city.

In this ever-changing environment, the Denver festival and dance music scene remains buoyant thanks in part to Global Dance. Despite the damaged and unpredictably expensive festival production market, even their flagship event, Global Dance Festival, has had to make significant changes to avoid joining the ever-expanding festival graveyard.

Casual fans may view these changes with disappointment, particularly the shift from the familiar parking lot of Mile High Stadium to a new venue, and the noticeable downsizing of the festival’s lineup. Those closely attuned to the music industry will nonetheless recognize the innovation and adaptability required to continue putting on a show for the loyal Denver crowds.

A Lineup That Catches the Eye

Global Dance consistently distinguishes their lineups from the repetitive roster of artists seen annually at other festivals. The headlining acts at Global Dance Festival don’t usually make multiple festival appearances, and this year is no different. The 2024 event is headlined by dance music icons The Chainsmokers and FISHER, so attendees will surely be dancing at the Stockyard Event Center Grounds.

A difficulty often overlooked in the judgment of many Denver lineups is name recognition. Throwing a festival a mere 20 minutes from one of the world’s most famous venues in Red Rocks, 10 minutes from AEG’s own Mission Ballroom, and being a mainstay city on every American tour is almost impossible. The bookings around shared radius clauses, already contracted shows, and tour stop planning is a logistical improbability to even produce big names on a lineup like this.

Believe it or not, there are downsides to living in one of the nation’s most prolific musical cities.

But nonetheless, we are being blessed by acts such as Kaytranada, one of my favorite acts on the lineup. Expect the hips and feet to be swaying at the main stage as he unleashes the pop and dance music sounds of his latest album releases. All the while, larger yet local acts such as Brondo, Mport, Wuki and Said the Sky will showcase their talents to their hometown audience.

A notable new addition this year is the opportunity for local acts to perform on full production stages rather than being relegated to a silent disco. This change allows these talented artists to captivate the crowd with their sound, which will no longer be confined under the stadium grandstands. DJs can thank the venue change for this opportunity.

Make sure to check out performances from local talents like Chocolate Drop, Concentrates, Morf and NJoy, who will command respect through their powerful sonic presence at the festival this year.

A New Location

The move from Mile High Stadium to the National Western Complex will be quite a shakeup, but changes can bring opportunities the festival couldn’t have offered before. My biggest gripe with the Mile High parking lot was the congested path to the main stage and the close quarters as festival goers moved to and from it. I am confident that this change will unleash boundless creativity.

Global Dance has always made the most of the equipment and spacing available. In previous years, Decadence (the largest New Year’s concert in the U.S., also organized by Global Dance) faced the challenge of working around a multi-million dollar construction project inside the Colorado Convention Center. For those unfamiliar with the building, the necessary adjustments were nearly unnoticeable, thanks to the seamless creativity in stage placement. Their ability to adapt was evident. They annually redesign multiple stage elements using pieces from previous years, consistently creating new designs and demonstrating top-notch use of sustainable materials.

I urge everyone with reservations about the new Global Dance Festival to come out and experience it before casting judgment. I truly believe that Global Dance will provide a festival experience that surpasses expectations, making the most of the resources at hand. I applaud their adaptability in the ever-treacherous festival world and cannot wait to see what new adventures await us.

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