Music fans rejoiced this weekend as the Global Dance Music festival was set to kick off at Empower Field, home of the Denver Broncos. Artists from all over the world came to Colorado for two full days of music, dancing, and so much more. Including carnival rides and enough drink stands to keep party goers in the mix throughout the two-day event. Security guards had large water guns to give people a quick blast of cool water when they were hot. As a result, many people walked around the venue soaking wet with big smiles. The water-gun-wielding security guards weren’t the only reason people got soaked.

Rain, Rain, Go Away.

Extreme weather conditions put everything on hold during day 2. Thunder rumbled through the area as rainwater cascaded across the festival. Those inside the event and those who remained outside had to wait in their vehicles. Global Dance security stated that the weather had to clear before anybody could come back in. Thankfully, it didn’t take long. Global Dance was back in full swing quickly.

The Show Must Go On

Despite having a short delay, the show continues. Four stages packed with immense talent from all over the world rumble throughout the night. A silent disco stage with three channels plays local performers through headphones. Food vendors from all over the city serve delicious meals for those looking to make a pit stop. Though plenty of people were in attendance, some checked out the event from a different point of view. W Colfax Ave was lined with people trying to get a good look at the show.

Photos By Kyle Brim

Global Dance Festival Is A Vibe

Despite a few unforeseeable hiccups here and there, Global Dance has proved
time and time again that it is a top contender in the Music Festival scene.
Every year thousands of people buy tickets to this event (Or just watch from W.
Colfax Ave) because it has consistently put on some of the best artists from
around the globe. So if you are a fan of music, one thing is for sure. Global
Dance Festival is a vibe.

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