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Getting Lost in the Sonic Sauce with Ott

Getting Lost in the Sonic Sauce with Ott


March 4th, 2019

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Ott is a record producer hailing from Britain and has been saucing up the realm of psychedelic dub electronic music since the early 2000s. With recognition stemming back to 2002, he is a well-established pioneer to the many evolutions of dance music, with a focus in psy bass. The 1980s in London was a breeding ground for experimental and revolutionary culture and music. This is where he set his initial sights to further feed his love.

After freelancing through the 1990s around London as a studio engineer and producer, revolving his life around music, he then fully decided to dedicate himself to threading this craft by moving to a remote cottage in South West England. Where he could immerse himself into the pursuit of curation of music soundscapes never heard before. A tall but inevitably possible achievement for those with a healthy dose of skills and passion.

Soon after, he was signed to Twisted Records. He released several collaborations with the owner, Simon Posford. Who is also known as Shpongle. If you know anything about Shpongle, you may know him for his captivating live performances. Which the last one was in 2019 at our very own Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Morrison, CO. Which is home to an increasingly progressive and supportive dance music community.

On February 22nd, 2020 a numerological blast-off, Ott blessed the decks at the Boulder Theatre boasting a sold-out event. Opening act DYNOHUNTER, a local Boulder DJ music project spanning the realms of live electronica delivered a set filled with trancy house vibes. Smoothly meshing delectable dance music genres. The crowd was certainly happily getting down with the vibes in lieu of the O.G. taking the stage.

Ott never ceases to manipulate sounds in an inviting fashion. Spanning squishy dubstep with intoxicating dreamscapes dripping with melody, his sonic journey always packs a punch and a hug. He ensures to keep his performances highly revolved around his auditory alchemy, crafting his unique and precious sounds. Hallucinogenic in nature, you could close your eyes and have the time of your life.

As he guides you through the poetic flow of sonic vibrations to massage the soul, he continues to keep the energy on the dancefloor super high, and experimental mixing at its peak. Rocking a stage persona stuffed penguin known as “Reynaldo”, fans get to see the squishy and humorous side of him every time he takes the stage. Although he was originally gifted this penguin by a group of loving fans here in Colorado back in 2015, his spirit certainly lives on.

Up Next

Don’t forget to catch Ott the next time you see him on a festival lineup or headlining at a venue. You can catch him again in Colorado at Hummingbird Ranch for our local festival Sonic Bloom June 18th – 22nd. However, if you happen to catch him in Poland, Netherlands or Hungary this summer, you’ll be in for a major delight. Be sure to follow Ott on his socials below to stay connected!

Photos by Julien Deroeux


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