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Get Wet for Sold Out S20 Songkran Music Festival in Bangkok

Get Wet for Sold Out S20 Songkran Music Festival in Bangkok

Zach Landis

April 25th, 2019

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Imagine this – You’re at a music festival, it’s hot as hell out, and you’re considering making the switch from beer to water simply for survival (because we all know it’s not preferred).

And then:


It’s a downpour of water from one of the dozens of giant, 360-degree water cannons and manned-hoses stationed around the dance floor, for the sole purpose of drenching 60,000 party animals and EDM enthusiasts from across the globe.

You’re wet, cooled off, and your will to keep partying has been restored. Then guess what happens…


This is not just the S20 Songkran Music Festival way, rather the ENTIRE country of Thailand. April, being Thailand’s hottest month of the year, is also host to the 3 day celebration of the Thai New Year (AKA ‘Songkran’). 

Throughout the country, you will find elderly Thai ladies with super-soakers roaming the streets, gangs of children and pre-teens with trash cans full of melting ice blocks that charge you one bucket of water to the face to pass, and street blockades of Songkran celebrators marching back and forth and blasting anyone and everyone in their path with a freezing, yet refreshing, stream of that high quality H20.

Take one step in any direction to purchase a water gun from one of the thousands of street vendors and fill your tank for 10 Thai Baht ($0.31) to join in on the action. 

S20 Songkran, for the 5th year in a row, has brought this celebration up a notch. 

Hop in a tuk tuk (pedi-cab) and take a ride to Live Park, located in the industrial district of Bangkok, and you’ll find DOZENS of parties lining the parking lots and event complexes along the strip. 

Though you can take your pick from all of these different parties, S20 Songkran has proven to be a staple festival during the 3-day Songkran celebration April 13th to 15th, with its enormous water cannons and internationally renounced lineup.

This years edition brought out heavy-hitters in the EDM world like Fatboy Slim, Tiesto, and Steve Aoki to headline.
However, the headliners didn’t have ALL the fun. Accompanying the three were also notable artists such as 3lau, EDX, Robin Schulz, Netsky, 1788-L, Bassjackers, Cat Dealers, Said the Sky, and much more! 

S20 provided an incredible food village with an array of different restaurants, street vendors, and Thai food. Fill up, fill up your backpack full of Heineken beer, then ‘dive in’ to the dance floor. 

PSA – You MUST make it out to Bangkok during Songkran and check S20 Songkran Music Festival off of the ‘bucket’ list at least once in your lifetime. 

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