Dark Space Productions – All About It

Denver-based event production and promotions group Dark Space has been on the rise in the Denver electronic music scene since its origin three months ago. As of right now, the group consists of Denver and Burning Man community DJ, Chris Dugan, and Steven Mena. Both members are very active in the Burning Man community. They often bring events on behalf of the community in Denver and all across the globe.

Their goal with Dark Space Productions is to “provide a curated sound while bringing more acts to Denver and [fill] a niche in the market.” They are known to bring in acts who haven’t visited Denver recently, or very often, with an underground and under-serviced theme within their shows. Additionally, they curate a huge vibe and an educated niche community.

Dark Space Vibe and Genre

Dark Space brings talents of Techno, tech-house, and other sub-genres of electronic music to the scene. So far, they have hosted two shows with act Donald Glaud. They have also collaborated with Denver Trance Family in the past to bring Solarstone.

There are multiple crossover opportunities for Dark Space Productions. Their next event is with Party Guru Productions this Saturday, December 4th. The event hosts Bunny of Rabbit in the Moon and Lee Coombs with support from Mental 69. Dark Space Production’s creator is Chris Dugan. Be sure to grab your tickets for this event as this breakbeat/electro-beat sound will make for an unforgettable night! Click here for your tickets.

Looking into 2022, Dark Space Productions is seeking to bring in additional talent. Additionally, they plan to focus on larger events, while still maintaining their one show a quarter basis. Then, they will return back to their scheduled once a month show. We definitely can’t wait for what these Party Gurus continue to bring to Denver, including their upcoming event on April 9th at Tracks Nightclub!

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