Tech N9ne and Hollywood Undead are shaking things up at the Fillmore Auditorium in Denver this October. This tour is a match made in rap heaven. It has everything you could want from a rap-rock-metal show: Tech N9ne and Hollywood Undead. Their energy is unmatched and there’s no better team to bring in the spooky season.

This isn’t the first time these guys have collaborated. In 2020 they released the track called “Idol” to critical acclaim. The infectious beat and ubiquitous lyrical genius that Tech N9ne and Hollywood Undead bring made this song a fan favorite.

Tech N9ne is an underrated and sometimes slept-on rapper by the masses. But game recognizes game when it comes to Tech N9ne’s fellow rap brethren. Sir-Mix-A-Lot and Kendrick Lamar are two artists who sing Tech N9ne praises. Both encourage others to give this skillful rapper a listen.

Though he may not be well known in the mainstream, Tech N9ne’s been ruling the underground scene for over three decades. He gained popularity for his unique music style and rapid-fire rap delivery. Known as the chopper flow, it’s actually how Tech N9ne got his name. Bestowed unto him by Black Walt because of his accelerated rhyming scheme, the alias has since taken on a deeper meaning. To Tech N9ne, his moniker stands for complete technique, which is exactly what he has.

Born Aaron Dontez Yates, Tech N9ne is a Kansas City legend. He has incredible pride for his hometown, penning many songs for KC. He’s one of the city’s most prolific and successful rappers, and he’s consistently bringing light to the region. His Strange Music label, co-founded with Travis O’Guin, generates jobs and tax revenue for the area. He also constantly lands on Forbes’ lists of hip-hop’s highest earners, which should come as no surprise considering he’s sold over 2 million albums and has had his songs featured in video games, TV and movies.

Tech N9ne is a multifaceted and progressive rapper who stays true to himself while constantly elevating his act. His most recent release, Bliss, proves that he can still bring the raw Tech N9ne energy that we all know and love while simultaneously slowing things down and showing a softer, mellifluous side.

Joining Tech N9ne for the evening is the group Hollywood Undead. Born out of the city of Hollywood in 2005, the group boast a discography that melds rap rock, nu-metal, pop, and hip-hop. Their signature style is aggressive and brutally honest, with a no-fucks-given attitude.

Formed in 2005, Hollywood Undead’s members initially opted for anonymity, wearing goaltender masks while performing. They also used pseudonyms to identify each other. Originally a trio, the group debuted as The Kids, based on their song “Hollywood.” The OG lineup consisted of J-Dog, Deuce, and Shady Jeff, growing to include seven total members at one point. The current roster is J-Dog, Funny Man, Johnny 3 Tears, Charlie Scene, and Danny.

The crew got their start on social media, specifically Myspace. They owe much of their popularity and publicity to the site. J-Dog, Deuce, and Shady Jeff began putting their songs out on Myspace to positive reviews, which fueled their rapcore fire. The infamous Tom himself helped increase the group’s visibility by featuring Hollywood Undead’s track, “No. 5” on the first Myspace compilation album. And who knew that Myspace had a record label? Because I sure didn’t, but Hollywood Undead was the first group signed to it!

In 2016, the group began their own label, Dove & Grenade Media/BMG, after their previous contracts had ended. They released their fifth studio album, Five, which spawned the single “California Dreaming,” a track focused on the duality of Los Angeles.

Almost two decades later, the Undead are still going strong. With eight releases in their discography, the band still tour, obviously. Expanding to more than just music, they have ventured into the cannabis industry under the same name, Dove and Grenade. The brand offers premium flower and quality pre-rolls. J-Dog and Johnny 3 Tears have been cultivating their weed grow for years and decided it was time to offer it to the masses.

Hollywood Undead are the perfect group to accompany Tech N9ne. They share the same unapologetic, take-me-as-I-am outlook. Both are skillful, underappreciated groups with a niche following who are reinventing the rap and metal game. Trust me when I say it’s a treat to see these artists on the same bill. Do yourself a favor and buy your ticket today to see Tech N9ne and Hollywood Undead at the Fillmore in Denver on October 21st.

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