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Gesaffelstein Shines Bright at Denver’s Mission Ballroom

Gesaffelstein Shines Bright at Denver’s Mission Ballroom


November 19th, 2019

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No matter how you try to say it, spell it, or write it out–French producer Gesaffelstein has been a household name and a pioneer in the electronic music community for over a decade. And he has had a massive impact on today’s dance music scene. Born Mike Lèvy, Gesaffelstein created his stage name by combining the word Gesamtkunstwe, German for “total work of art,” and Albert Einstein’s name. His set this past Wednesday at Denver’s Mission Ballroom was indeed, a total work of art.

Gesaffelstein is a French music DJ, but is so much more. The 32-year-old musical icon is considered a music programmer, audio engineer, songwriter, and record producer. He is also close friends with artists including Daft Punk, The Weeknd and Kanye West. His reach expands globally in the Electronic Music community as the musical mastermind stretches from genre to genre. As such, his skills include all styles of music, including but nowhere near limited to Tech House, Industrial Techno, Electro-House, Synth-Wave styles, Hip-Hop, R&B and more.

Mission Ballroom in Lights

This past Wednesday, Denver was blessed enough to see him at AEG’s new Mission Ballroom. The show began early, with Gesaffelstein coming on at 9 sharp, also ending at an early (for Denver) 10:15pm…but every minute made the experience far worth the time spent. The French producer made sure to captivate the eager crowd from the moment he began playing. There were bright strobe lights flashing to the booming 808s and basslines of his tracks. The entire room was quite literally vibrating all night.

Some top tracks he played included the vocals of The Weeknd. Including “Lost in the Fire” which had the entire ballroom dancing on their feet. The artist’s style was overall very dark, heavy, and evil sounding. And it incorporated less Techno-heavy vibes than what I was originally expecting. Nevertheless, the set was incredibly loud and crisp sounding. Every beat seemed to hit right on cue with the amazing lights and production he had in place behind him. The stage was catered specifically to Gesaffelstein’s presence, as he stood full on in a mirror-covered reflective one piece suit. Light reflected off of him constantly. The overall performance was captivating for music lovers of all types, ages and styles. He truly showcased himself this past week as the legendary artist he is in this scene.

A Total Work of Art

Overall, the night was a huge success as Denver packed out the Mission Ballroom for an eagerly-awaited set. There is no question why huge artists such as Rezz have gained direct influence from the music and performances of Gesaffelstein. As a pioneer in the Electronic scene, he has proven to his devoted fans time and time again that Gesaffelstein is not simply here to DJ or make music. His artistic and musical styles truly exhibit being the full package–a total work of art.

Photos by (Trey Karson)

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