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Georgia Comes Alive Festival – Music is Voting for a Better World

Georgia Comes Alive Festival – Music is Voting for a Better World

Thomas Adams

December 23rd, 2020

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Let’s not deny we could all use a live set right about now, maybe even four or five. Good thing Georgia Comes Alive isn’t too far away to help out with that! As we begin to close out one of the most insane years we’ve ever seen, we give thanks to all of the beautiful ugliness we call 2020. We saw how artists can be versatile when coming to livestreams. Silent discos began popping up all around the country. We were all able to hear live music again. Artists could express their creativity how they intended too. We are all lucky enough to get one last chance at hearing some of our favorite tunes by artists we’ve all come to love. Georgia Come Alive is helping to do exactly that with this one day virtual festival this Saturday!

With the largest voter turnout in American history, 2020 has been the year for voting. While we all wish that specific stress and anxiety was over–it is not. We still have the Georgia runoff elections because neither Georgia Senate seat garnered a majority of votes during the general election. The runoff elections are set to take place January 5th, 2021. For more information on the specifics of the Georgia Senate runoff elections, click here. This year proved that Americans do have a voice and that every vote does count.

In an effort to get out the vote, Live for Live Music, in partnership with HeadCount,, and many other local and national partners, presents Georgia Comes Alive which is, “a one-day virtual music festival to promote voter participation in the Georgia runoff elections by supporting local grassroots organizations like Georgia Coalition for the People’s Agenda and CivicGeorgia.” The event will feature 50 artists across one day, who can all be found as easy as a few clicks!

Hopeful attendees can donate at this link. Those who make a donation of any size will receive an email with a link to the stream on the day of the event: December 26 at 3 PM ET (2 PM CST, 1 PM MST). Donations will be split between the Georgia Coalition for the People’s Agenda and CivicGeorgia. Donors have the opportunity to win many prizes including an autographed guitar played and signed by The Grateful Dead’s Bob Weir. For a full list of prizes, click here. Don’t miss out on this chance to help out a great cause while also having the chance to win some awesome prizes!

The founder of Live for Live Music and the “Comes Alive” event series, Kunj Shah, is noted for his excitement at the response for the virtual festival. Shah stated, “This event has gained so much momentum since its initial announcement, artists have been reaching out from all over the musical spectrum asking to take part, to join the efforts in Georgia to turn out the vote.” 

Georgia Comes Alive has already released a killer lineup spanning several genres: bluegrass, singer-songwriter, indie, rock, funk, electronic, and many more. Attendees may recognize some big names such as: Dave Matthews, Diplo, Big Gigantic, Portugal. The Man, Ben Folds, and Grace Potter. Some of the most recent added to the lineup include: Foo Fighters, Nathaniel Rateliff, Grouplove, Chuck Leavell of The Rolling Stones, Peter Yarrow of Peter, Paul, and Mary, and many more.

Now, a little more on some of the other parties involved in this amazing event. “HeadCount uses the power of music to register voters, reaching both young people and music fans where they are.” HeadCount is committed to promoting involvement in democracy. Since 2004, the organization has registered over 1 million voters through touring musician partnerships such as Dead & Company and Beyoncé. The Georgia Chapter of the National Coalition is a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing engagement and participation in underserved communities. CivicGeorgia is a collective of organizers fighting for equity and justice.

Seen above is the daily schedule for this years virtual festival. Want to get involved? It’s as easy as clicking HERE! Donate and secure your spot to see some amazing music and support a great cause–and remember to get out there and vote! Let’s finish off 2020 with a bang! Maybe even some new tunes for 2021 also.

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