FutureShape360 Brought Heavy Hitters to the Fillmore

FutureShape360 brought out the biggest talents in their respective industry. Leaders across the map in the NFT industry came out for a three-night immersive experience. The choice of such a dynamic lineup clearly promoted this artistry. Every act promoted a shared vision while lighting the dance floor on fire in their own creative ways.

FutureShape360 Was Filled With Heavy Hittersi

Futureshape360 had an incredible range in bringing balance to the table. Everyone was gifted a special treat, as the electronic pop-pioneer duo Cherub was listed on the lineup. With almost two million listens, “Doses and Mimosas” solidified Cherub amongst the most daring artists in this scene. Don Diablo, the headliner, has cultivated his own sound in future bass. Diablo’s unbridled stage presence with his legendary reputation preceding him forced the entire crowd into a frenzy.

Cherub Made Their Return to Denver Classy

Having a catalog stretching for years can be challenging to play all your hits, but Cherub came as close as humanly possible. “Mom & Dad” was the flavor of the night. For lifelong Cherub fans, this was a great homage to the classics. Hearing “XOXO” right off the bat and continuing through to “Monogamy” and “Disco Inferno.” The vibes were in place to finish with “Doses and Mimosas,” as the crowd belted in a joyous chorus.

Don Diablos House

Don Diablo is no stranger to Denver, Colorado. For his epic return to the mile-high city, he was slated to be the headliner of FutureShape360. Accustomed to large festival audiences, he showed why he is one of the best DJs on the circuit and a legend of future house music. His bread and butter in composing smooth transitions were apparent with his mix of “Mr. Brightside” and various other popular pop songs. This was the performance that cemented his legendary status in Denver.

FutureShape360 Provided An Experience For The Books

This was an event for the ages, from the immersive art displays to the perfectly curated lineup. It’s extremely tricky to bring together a unique experience and keep the music at the forefront. The festival’s focus was to showcase artistry and music as one collective display of togetherness. FutureShape360 nailed this across the board, leaving us in anticipation of their return.

Photos by Josh Klein

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