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Freaky Deaky Texas: A Graveyard Smash

Freaky Deaky Texas: A Graveyard Smash


November 5th, 2019

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A Monster Mash

Renown production crew, Disco Donnie, threw a heater of a show over the last weekend of October. Freaky Deaky is a touring show that makes multiple stops across the US. In 2018, Freaky Deaky Texas became the spiritual successor of retired Halloween festival, Something Wicked. Freaky Deaky Texas is put on by members of the previous teams and production crews from Something Wicked, making it a true successor. (Kudos to you guys!) The festival underwent a venue change this year making its new home in the Houston Motor Speedway in Baytown, Texas. Being a large venue, the raceway was a great home for the five stage festival with lots of space for food trucks, vendors, and drink stations.

When it comes thematics, Freaky Deaky excels. To be expected, the fest was a massive costume party. Show-goers dressed to the nines repping the spooky season classics plus some creative raver spins on costumes. The show reported a huge 40,000-person headcount in attendance. The festival spanned over Saturday and Sunday with a number of pre and after parties both at the speedway and another local Houston venue, The Spire. The three day adventure was an excellent balance of tasteful party vibes mixed with a Halloween flip.

Lost in Freaky Immersion

To begin, the highlights of the festival were the five themed stages. The Shrine held the main stage title with the largest production value and sound. It also featured the weekend’s big name headliners with a mixture of varying artists bringing their unique sounds to the party (more on that later). Next, The Crypt highlighted the dubstep and bass acts of the weekend, plus tons of laser mappings that had the crowd reeling.

After that, the Haunted Hollow stage, which housed the hard bass, hardstyle, trance, and drum and bass genres. The Big Top, a freaky circus tent, was one of two covered stages (the other being the Haunted Hollow). This stage boasted the majority of the weekend’s house acts plus other tasty jams. Finally, The Rising, the smallest of all the stages, was home to the local and up-and-coming artists. Each of the stages displayed different thematics through animation and decorations. They channeled this with a multitude of creepy images like skulls, zombies, pentagrams, and trippy, space stuff.

In addition, the show offered a slew of attractions alongside the music. Upon entering, attendees were greeted with the sight of two massive zombie hands bursting from the ground with lasers projected over the festival’s logo. To be sure, the surrounding area was a ghoulish, graveyard style hangout area with tables, social pods, and hammocks. These made for the perfect meet up spot for lost friends or a quick break for the squad. Furthermore, at the center of this area was a small haunted house to explore for the more daring individuals. Around the crown of the house was scaffolding and immersive decorations like spider webs, hanging creepy-crawlers, and jets that spit fire. In addition, there were lots of other performers aside from the musical artists. A number of costumed stilt walkers and acrobatic trampoline artists roamed the grounds offering photo ops and super cool shows.

The Music: Night 1

To continue, Freaky Deaky opened its doors Saturday afternoon at 2pm and attendees quickly filled the venue. The first heater of a performance came from Amtrac over at the Haunted Hollow. His tech house set curated the mood for the early evening. To be sure, his tracks selection highlighted a sunny and ethereal feel while it maintained a steady pattern of clubby-style songs that transitioned into deep tech house ones. During his set he dropped a nasty remix of Daft Punk’s “Stronger,” that had the crowd drooling.

Next, SubDocta took over the Crypt busting out some well mixed wobble tunes dropping some of his remixes with Subtronics and Boogie T. After that, the mainstage was the place to be as Walker & Royce did a fat b2b with Shiba San. The Shrine fell into a booty shaking groove as these three titans commanded a solid hour of some bangin’ beats. Their transitions and mixing were flawless and the sound guys crushed their duties. The highlight was when Walker & Royce dropped their fresh release “Word.”

Freaky Sundown

Continuing, FISHER brought some more booty popping bass to The Shrine with a Dirtybird style house set. It was plenty dark by this point and his transitions between techno and club house tracks kept the crowd locked in. Everyone lost it when he dropped a mashup of Brittney Spears’ “Toxic.” Next, Malaa followed with a hyped up set and his good friend Tchami took the stage immediately after. Finally, Rezz stole the show for the evening with a surprise appearance from Malaa. Rezz’s set bore witness to all of her usual antics and moomba-style dark bass. Because of that, she and her crew achieved a stellar show that was filled with occult and evil imagery.

Elsewhere, The Crypt was descending into darkness. As the sun went down Kai Wachi took the night into a darker vibe. Busting out some quick transitional builds he went drop for drop with some brostep with psy-trance fake drops sprinkled in. Following that, Atliens made their landing busting out some weird space bass and trap. In the same fashion, Blunts & Blondes and Space Jesus brought bangin’ bass sprinkled with some classics. Oppositely, Borgore came out of the gates swinging so hard it made the stage shake. His track selection was straight out of 2011 with some of the most aggressive dubstep of the evening. Lastly, Getter closed out the Crypt with a chill, trap style set. Some other great acts from night one came from artists Lane 8, Lucii, Decadon, Desert Dwellers, and John Askew.


In conjunction, the night one after-parties featured two locations and a number of artists. Space Jesus played the onsite after-party with Esseks and teased lots of weird acid bass and trip music. In addition, a Moondot Label takeover, and a performance from artist Huxley Anne. While downtown at a local venue The Spire, Tchami and Malaa did a run of their “No Redemption” set plus another house set from FISHER, and Clé.

The Music: Night 2

Night two saw the same air of excitement as night one. However, being on a Sunday, the festival times and sets were all pushed back an hour so the show could finish at 11pm. This didn’t stop the party though. To be expected, show-goers returned in droves and rushed inside to catch some of the top-tier opening acts. Must sees were Lady Faith, VNSSA, Non Toxic, CloZee, Cosmic Gate, and of course, CharlestheFirst. To be sure, the sun was still high in the sky during these hours and there was plenty of shade and places to relax throughout the afternoon.

The Sun Sets on Night 2

Undoubtedly, Sunday evening became freakier as the light faded. To that end, the artists tailored their sets to fit the evening well. For example, over at The Big Top, Mason Maynard was breaking it down with a bass driven house set. His track selection had a neon-beat style mixed with dirty tech beats. Meanwhile, at the Haunted Hallow, hardstyle artist Junkie Kid was making the crowd bounce. His unique highs and thumping bassline had the tent raging.

Following that, Dombreskey had the Big Top filled with tons of house heads. His set featured a party style that exercised horns and saxophone blends. His track “Rave Alarm” frenzied the crowd and got them chanting. Afterwards, Chris Lorenzo brought some of the hottest Night Bass anyone has seen. He dropped his new release “Bad Bitch,” a high energy banger that had us floored. It was almost impossible to look away from this man’s stage presence.

Elsewhere and across the venue, EDM’s finest Steve Aoki was taking over The Shrine with his party vibes. In addition, Kill The Noise was bringing his special crunch to The Crypt hammering away with the headbangers. Later on, trance king Armin van Buuren took members of mainstage on a journey into intense sound. His visuals and atmosphere were spot-on for this weekend. It was after that when people started taking breaks to prep for the final performances of the evening.

The Headliners

After that, BTSM (Black Tiger Sex Machine) opened the gates to their church at The Crypt stage. Their music was loud, bass heavy, and their production was full of unique theatrics. Because of this, their set commanded the attention of the crowd. Their tiger masks make them a truly intimidating force to watch on stage. Conversely, AC Slater was turning The Big Top into a Night Bass dancefloor. His choice selections were a perfect warm up for Green Velvet’s closing act. Finally, it was time for the headliners of the evening. While Green Velvet brought the best club hits to The Big Top, Martin Garrix was filling The Shrine with his electro styles and fireworks to hype up the crowd. Similarly, there was plenty of hype happening at The Haunted Hollow, as Planet Of The Drums tore down the roof with their DnB.

Lastly, Ganja White Knight was making all the ghouls in The Crypt wobble. Their set was mellow but fun. To fit the Halloween motif they employed the use of low energy tracks to get the crowd paying attention to the storytelling in their music. For example, low tempo wobble tunes and classic style dub tracks doubled-dropped together made for a unique and fine tune set only GWK can provide.

Too Big for Texas?

After that, the festival received some disappointing news. The onsite party Green Velvet and Mason Maynard were set to play was ordered cancelled. Apparently, the noise levels were carrying too much to the surrounding residential areas. It being a Sunday, the festival crew was forced to comply. However, The Spire hosted one last performance from Steve Aoki to close out the weekend’s festivities. Way to bounce back guys!

Wrap Up

In conclusion, this monster mash was a banger. In short, Freaky Deaky Texas was highly immersive with tons of attractions. Attendees were friendly, accommodating, and fun to interact with. Likewise, the costumes and totems seen over the two days were spooktacular. The venue itself was easy to navigate and offered plenty of amenities to cover all our festival needs. Plus, the tailoring of artist selection from the production team covered ton’s of fitting genres and performers. Furthermore, it was evident that the artist’s tweaked their sets to fit the occasion, and they did a stellar job.

We spent most of our time under The Big Top jamming away to nasty house beats. The house artists of the weekend stole the show for us. If you are looking to fill a weekend right before Halloween next year we encourage you to keep Freaky Deaky Texas on your radar.

Thanks for reading everybody, stay safe!

Photos by sound_of_addiction



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