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On July 13th, Fractal Rain (real name Trevor Vogel) will descend from the stars to perform at Your Mom’s House for Psycedelectronic Night. As an integral part of the lineup, he boasts an arsenal of original tracks and unearthly bass that will surely deliver a transcendental experience!

An Intergalactic Journey with Fractal Rain

Psychedelectronic Night’s lineup is set to have Vogel perform alongside Primal, Fader Breaker, ELEMENTS, and Kloud Forest. As an obvious connoisseur of the extraordinary (since you’re here), you won’t want to miss the amazing that Fractal Rain has in store!

Reminiscent of nebulae clouds and otherworldly unknowns, his sound takes you beyond Earth’s atmosphere. He concocts dubstep that bears the essence of space dust and hypnotic bass, a weird and wonderful mixture. It will be perfect for those who love to feel the music deep in their souls.

Bored by the constant slicing and dicing of others’ songs? Not gonna happen here! He owes his incredible and unique sound signature to the fact that he proudly performs nearly all-original music. His July 13th appearance at Your Mom’s House will be no exception, making it a prime opportunity to experience as-yet-unheard tracks.

We love how Fractal Rain brings authenticity with original soundscapes like “Through The Cosmos” and “Distant Planet.” Listen to his SoundCloud below — you’ll love what you hear!

Denver’s Hidden Gem

There is perhaps no better illustration of who Fractal Rain is than this excerpt from his SoundCloud bio:

“Originally from a higher dimension, Sent to earth to spread peace and sounds of the unknown. They won’t let me back until everyone has experienced some Fractal Rain.”

Formerly from Georgia, this rising DJ and producer has spent the last two years carving out his reputation in Denver. To name a few of his many accomplishments, he’s performed at The Black Box, Larimer Lounge, and even the Synesthesia Music and Arts Festival in South Dakota. With his proven track record of success, it’s no wonder Your Mom’s House welcomed him back. He may be supporting the headliner for this upcoming show, but he’s got credentials fit for the title!

All things considered, there’s no doubt an exciting night filled with wobbly bass awaits you. Bring your bass face, dance pants, and vibe tribe to enjoy the best of all worlds under Fractal Rain’s hands. Get your tickets now!

Photo Credit Your Mom's House

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