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Food Truck Fun: Flourish Galleria

Food Truck Fun: Flourish Galleria


August 31st, 2020

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2020’s Colorado summer is coming to a close and it is imperrative that Coloradans statewide get up, get out, and enjoy all that the mile high state has to offer. Wondering what to do for your approaching weekend? Flourish Galleria, located in the Pasternack’s Art Hub building in Lakewood, is kicking off their very first food truck event dubbed Street Eats N’ Arts this upcoming September 4th. The event is set to hit the Pasternack’s location every Friday until December 18th, 2020! Flourish galleria is owned by local Colorado artists Heather Penhale (LuckyPenArt) and Samuel Flores (Wildflower). The pair got their hands on the space about a year ago and since then has transformed the Flourish space into a unique abstract environment that incapsulates the core of Colorado’s creative culture.

Finding Flourish

The pair founded Flourish Galleria back in December of 2019 after searching for an art space as individual artists. Co Founder and co owner Samuel Flores looked back at Flourish’s conception. “About a year ago I was looking for a space to do my screen printing, sublimation, and vinyl work. Heather was also looking for a place at that time as well. She was hoping to find a space for an art studio and gallery. We began to work together and build a foundation.” Once their keys were in the duo’s grasp they began renovating the space and making it their own. Samuel continued, “We are not your typical conventional white wall gallery. We are constantly making changes around the space, whether we are changing the walls, the floors, or the art. All three rooms that make up Flourish are like blank canvas to the two of us.” Flourish Galleria is essentially an architectural chameleon, constantly in the state of change.

The Featured Artists

The gallery is set to feature an assortment of art styles and a variety of talented artists. The gallery walls will exhibit the original works of both founders, LuckyPen and Wildflower. LuckyPen is a multifaceted artist that creates an array of curious abstract art. She has an impeccable sense of color and a vision that brings the beholder back to artists like Salvador Dali. While Wildflower creates acrylic aztec and chicano masterpieces that are reminiscent to his heritage.

As if LuckyPen’s abstract art wasn’t enough, Flourish Galleria presents the exceptional digital art of Kelly Lorraine. Kelly’s colorful otherworldly pieces transports the viewer to her personal version of wonderland. Louie Ree’s sense of perspective is unrivaled when it comes to her fine art realism portraits. The gallery has curated other artists as well including Ryan Taylor, Traci Webster, Skyeview Signature, Happy B, A Lacy, and many more! These artists have come together in this common space to create an out of the ordinary abode.

The best part about Flourish Galleria is the fact it is in a constant metamorphasis. Each week every attendee can expect new artists, new displays, and new changes to the gallery itself! This is the space that will keep you coming!

Flourish Mural Piece

Food Truck Fun

In addition to the vast amount of art to feast your eyes on, Flourish has something else for your appetite. Flourish will have a variety of food trucks out on their lot every Friday! Heather explained, “We used to have catering and licensed bar tenders for our events before COVID-19. Due to the virus we can no longer do that safely, so why not partner with food trucks that are trying to keep their business going.” Samuel chimed in, “It is just a way for us to bring small businesses together. So we can help support one another.” This weeks food trucks include the California Wrap Runner, X’tabai Mayan Street Food, and Keys Concessions & Funnel Cakes. As time passes the Flourish team will be swithing it up every Friday with new food truck selections.

A Message From The Founders

“We would just like to say thank you to everyone who has come to support us since our opening in December of last year. It has been a challenge to create precautions for the virus to keep everyone safe. Thank you for supporting us through these difficult times. We hope to get back into the rythym of things and we look forward to seeing all of your familiar faces as this event carries on.”

One thing is absolute, Flourish Galleria is anything but ordinary. This space above all others always be in a state of evolution and will never get old. This eccentric location will keep you coming! Wondering how you can stay up to date with what is up and coming for the gallery? Just give Flourish Galleria a like and follow on you social media platforms. The Party Guru Press team will be onsite this September 4th! Make sure to keep an eye out for updates on Flourish through the Partygurupress website!

Flourish Galleria Location: 6851 W Colfax Lakewood, Colorado

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