“Hi This is Flume”

Harley Streten also known as Flume is a 30-year-old artist from Australia that quickly made a name for himself. Old hits from 2012 like his Tennis Court remix, You and Me, and Drop the Game made him a household name in the EDM community. Harley then went on to release his album Skin in 2016, where he then headlined his first red rocks show. In 2019, he released his “Hi This is Flume” mixtape. Flash forward to May 2022, he releases his newest album, Palaces which is the focus of his current tour. 

Opening Support

The second night of the red rocks shows brought in a different crowd than the other two shows, mainly because of the openers! The openers were OKLOU, Shlohmo, and Eprom. This night’s openers were a bit darker and more on the experimental side but turned out to be perfect for the show’s vibe. OKLOU brought some futuristic sounds and had great vocals. Shlohmo came with a deep, synthy set. And, of course, Eprom shook the crowd with his heavy-hitting experimental bass and even brought his son out to jam with him!

The Show

There were many speculations about what to expect for this show considering fans were caught off guard by his 2019 Red Rocks performance in which Flume was seen smashing a computer with a sledgehammer. Despite last year’s oddities, this year’s show did not disappoint. Flume threw down an incredible mix of his older classics and newer music with a seamless flow. The musical range of the show was truly impressive, transitioning from dreamy songs like Sleepless to dark and experimental songs like Get U. The energy from the crowd was so high, with everyone screaming the words to the songs that they had been jamming out to since 2012. It was evident that Flume was also feeding off this energy. He also brought out vocalists Kai, LAUREL, and KUCKA to sing their songs live. These ladies all dominated the stage with their powerful performances and elevated the emotions portrayed by the songs they performed.


The stage production this year was minimalistic but fit the style of the set perfectly. With carved arches that alternated between the sides of the stage during the set and long steps at the front of the stage, it gave true Palace vibes. The arches and steps would even light up with visuals spanning across the stage, coupled with visuals on the screen behind, creating many trippy yet beautiful moments.


Flume ended the show with a champagne toast and said that Denver always has the best crowd and best venue, Red Rocks. Flume had the time of his life on this stop of the Palaces tour, and so did the fans. Especially after having to miss out on this for two years, everyone was elated to finally be back on the rocks with Flume. Overall, it was an amazing experience, and we look forward to catching Flume again in the future.

Photos by (Kyle Brim)

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