Flume Made His Debut At Mission Ballroom

Flume has been one of the brightest artists in the last decade. From Grammy Award winner to known for throwing the wildest shows, he’s one artist that should be on everyone’s bucket list. New to Colorado since his last performance is the Mission Ballroom, which he chose to perform at for the start of his three-day Colorado run. This venue is uniquely intimate with its massive size, but it also provides a level of intimacy. We could not think of a better start to the long week and a welcoming into town for Flume.

The Rise of Quiet Bison

Flume calculatedly picked artists for this show that could match his energy and wavelength. Quiet Bison is a rising act on the scene and is only getting started. Ahead of his years, he put a stamp on the future bass genre before breaking the age of 21. This is from gaining the respect and attention of Flume and other mainstays like DROELOE. He has recently been credited with working on the electrifying track “Escape” off Flume’s new album “Palaces“. Some don him as Flume‘s protege, and with his performance, it was notable that he’ll have a long future.

Prospa Brought UK Energy

Hailing from the United Kingdom, Prospa came to the states with a clear passion for performing. They have picked up a unique style to bring to the fray by experimenting with genres from heavy metal, jazz, and deep house. With being heavily influenced by The Chemical Brothers and Daft Punk, their vision is clear to stand out. Flume having them perform on his tour showcases that he believes they’ll help shape the electronic genre for the future to come. Most notably, “Prayer” by Prospa had the crowd memorized. The constant buildup and changeups throughout their set were perfect to prepare us for the chaotic energy of Flume.

Flume Touches Down For the First Time At Mission Ballroom

The last set Flume played in Colorado was at the storied Red Rocks, and now he was performing at the venue that is famous for being modeled after it. Mission Ballroom’s sound and intimacy are unmatched for this reason. Essentially, he sets the stage perfectly to bring all of his tricks to the table. The stage had these door-like structures that revolved around the stage, showcasing bright lights and wavy visuals.

Playing a catalog spanning his whole career, he always found a way to tie it back to his newest album, “Palaces”. He started with a bang during the first portion of his set, playing “You & Me“. This indicated that no bars were going to be held back during the evening. Flume also had KUCKA come out for “Escape“, which was a perfect representation of “Palaces”. The roaring bass danced with her smooth vocals and created a true spectacle.

Flume Started His Three Night Run Off With A Bang

All the way from the production of Mission Ballroom, the openers, and Flume it was a night for the ages. Unmatched energy throughout the evening also contributed to his overall success with this performance. Mission Ballroom hopefully will be a recurring tradition in the years to come, as it became Flume’s playground.

Photos by Josh Klein

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