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Flosstradamus and 4B Cause a Ruckus with a Blackout

Flosstradamus and 4B Cause a Ruckus with a Blackout

Kate Chambers

July 15th, 2019

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Flosstradamus and 4B take the stage b2b at Summit Music Hall!

This summer, Flosstradamus and 4B are going b2b all across the nation on the Blackout Tour. The two collaborated on their single “Blackout,” which was released earlier this year. It’s an absolute banger! On July 12, they made their stop in Denver and turned Summit Music Hall into Trap City.

Flosstradamus began in 2007 as a duo consisting of Curt Cameruci and Josh Young. Their popularity exploded with their remix of Major Lazer‘s hit “Original Don,” and they went on to be one of the early influences in the trap genre. In 2016, the two decided to part ways and peruse solo careers, with Cameruci continuing on under the name of Flosstradamus. He has released a whole plethora of popular singles since going solo, with his latest release being his track with 4B.

Bobby McKeon, better known as 4B, blew-up in 2015 with his single “Pop Dat.” His Jersey Club sound has support from huge names, including Skrillex, DJ Snake, Diplo, and Tiesto. Today, 4B has 617,434 monthly listeners on Spotify and plays at iconic festivals around the world such as EDC LV.

The Denver stop for the Blackout Tour was originally scheduled to take place at Fillmore Auditorium but was moved to Summit Music Hall. The intimate space was a perfect spot for Floss and 4B to get rowdy with a small crowd. And boy, let me tell you, this crowd knew how to get rowdy.

The duo appeared on stage wearing neon orange suits. There were no screens; just two brightly dressed men behind the DJ booth. Long time Flosstradamus fans put their hands over their heads in a triangle shape, which is an iconic pose for his devout group of followers.

The visuals consisted of a lot of strobes and solid color lights, flashing to the hard trap beats. While one DJ mixed, the other would be on the microphone engaging the crowd and they would switch off. The energy stayed high throughout the set, with the crowd jumping and singing along to popular songs being mixed. The variety of tunes played was a mix of both Flosstradamus and 4B singles, plus classic and mainstream hits. The whole crowd sang at the top of their lungs to songs such as Eurythmics‘ classic “Sweet Dreams” and Lil Pump‘s hit “Gucci Gang.” The passion and energy was contagious!

The night ended with Floss and 4B breaking out a massive mosh pit in the middle of the crowd. They encouraged attendees to go as hard as they could till the end. The lights flipped on and people walked out of the venue dripping sweat with huge smiles on their faces.

Flosstradamus and 4B have beautifully crafted a tour full of brain-crushing energy and music that keeps people moving for hours. The tour is almost over, but you can still catch them in Florida and Washington. The tour concludes at HARD Music Festival in California- don’t sleep on this killer set!

Denver was the fourth to last stop on the Blackout tour. They end their tour in California on August 3rd at the HARD Summer Festival. Be sure to catch them.

Photos by Adi Sadeh

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