FKJ 2023 Red Rocks

On Sunday, October 1st, FKJ will bring his stunning live stage performance to Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Morrison, Colorado. Providing support for the show is the celebrated Nightmares on Wax.

French Kiwi Juice, as he is also known, is considered a pioneer of the new French house genre. The multi-instrumentalist and vocalist electrifies live audiences with improvisational sets which showcase his vast repertoire of talents. The French artist’s 2023 North American tour consists of two festival appearances and two headline shows, one in Morrison and one at The Brooklyn Mirage.

FKJ (real name Vincent Fenton) became an international star through the success of a song he made with Jamaican-American artist Masego. “Tadow” features Fenton and Masego improvising in a Parisian recording studio. The video, which debuted alongside the song, quickly went viral and catapulted both artists’ careers to new heights. Fenton’s debut full-length album had been released a few months prior and was well received by his new worldwide audience.

Since then, Fenton has captivated audiences the world over with his signature sound. While elements of house are ever present, Fenton has truly made it his own. At times the music is soulful and bluesy. Other times the songs take on a jazz inspiration that makes you move. Fenton has cultivated a style that draws on elements of different genres while never sounding derivative.

Joining him at the historic amphitheater as direct support is the storied Nightmares on Wax. The English DJ and producer shares many parallels with Fenton. His hip-hop-influenced style has pioneered genres since hitting the U.K. dance scene in the late ’80s.

Stylistically, the two artists are a match made in heaven. With Red Rocks Amphitheatre as their canvas, they are sure to paint a sonic masterpiece.

Get your tickets today to witness one of the few shows Fenton will play Stateside in 2023.

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