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Fiveight Gives Us ‘More Time’ with His First Solo EP

Fiveight Gives Us ‘More Time’ with His First Solo EP

Kierstin Rounsefell

March 21st, 2020

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Bite This! X Fiveight

Fiveight has been producing music for the last 3 years. He says he’s “just a number”, but his music proves otherwise. This producer and DJ has released tracks on labels including Gold Digger, Puregold Records, and The Boat House. Fiveight has also gained support from artists including Tchami and Malaa.

His deep, G-House tracks have a similar sound to Matroda and Dustycloud. If you haven’t heard any of Fiveight‘s music yet, we suggest that you listen to “Nuisance” with Freyer, “The Way“, and his “Turn Off The Lights X Kurupt” bootleg.

Spend More Time Listening to G-House

On March 20th, Fiveight released his debut solo EP titled More Time. This EP is on Jauz‘s own collective, Bite This!. This collective was created in 2017 with the purpose of “pushing boundaries, making magic happen, discovering new horizons and creating truly unique, fresh music and art on all platforms”.

More Time includes two tracks: “More Time” and “Stars“. First, “More Time” starts off with some simple percussion and wobbly bass sounds. The tempo slowly builds as more percussion is added along with occasional vocal echoes. Meanwhile, the lyrics “it’s time to spend more time with you,” are repeated during the upbeat chorus. As the song progresses, darker sounds are added in as the rhythm gets more intricate. Additionally, a short bridge mimics the simple intro to the song before dropping a revised version of the chorus.

Next up is the second track of the EP, “Stars”. This piece is most definitely the darker of the two tracks when considering the overall feel. In contrast, the light percussion and wub-like sounds are crucial to the production. During the introduction of the track, different elements are pieced together before slowly building up to the drop. After that, the piano, percussion, and dark synths are perfectly combined in a unique and innovative fashion.


To sum up, More Time has been out for less than 24 hours but the streams are already picking up. Fiveight and Bite This! have celebrated the release on various social media channels. Listen to Fiveight’s EP in full below and click here for a list of streaming and purchasing platforms. Make sure to follow Fiveight to keep updated with him and his G-House beats!

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