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Five Fresh House Music Finds To Elevate Your Senses

Five Fresh House Music Finds To Elevate Your Senses

Kierstin Rounsefell

January 5th, 2021

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Despite the lack of live shows, 2020 managed to be a huge year for music. Writers, artists, and producers all had a surplus of time to really dig deep into their craft. Whether producers decided to refine their sound or break ground by experimenting, some amazing music was released last year.

We recently dug through Spotify to find some fresh house tracks that were released in December of 2020. The producers and DJs behind the tracks below are all either born or based in countries outside of the United States. Keep scrolling to hear a variety of house music brought to you from all across the globe.

GATTÜSO & Asketa & Natan Chaim: “Bring That Back” (feat. Nadia Gattas)

The Israeli producer and DJ named GATTÜSO is currently based in New York City. Since his start, his original tracks and remixes have charted via Billboard, Ultra Records, and more. Furthermore, his signature house music has been supported by artists including Tiësto, Sam Feldt, and Galantis.

For GATTÜSO‘s latest track, he teamed up with the electronic duo Asketa & Natan Chaim along with vocalist Nadia Gattas. This bright track starts off with Nadia‘s strong, seductive vocals, percussion, and a bouncy melody. Vocals and lyrics are a major piece of the track which definitely gives it a pop feel backed by house rhythms.

Listen to “Bring That Back” here!

Imanbek & Goodboys: “Goodbye”

Imanbek is an internationally recognized producer and remixer based in Kazakhstan. In 2019, he released his energetic remix of SAINt JHN‘s “Roses” which gained major attention. Goodboys are also well-known for their popular house-hits including “Lose Control” with MEDUZA and Becky Hill, and “Piece Of Your Heart” with MEDUZA.

This deep house track starts off with percussion and smooth vocals before escalating into an upbeat, classic house beat. Low synths, vocal chops, and an uplifting melody combine to make a truly noteworthy track. Since it’s release on December 18th, 2020, it already has over twenty-eight thousand streams on Soundcloud. Imanbek and Goodboys also released a unique music video (above) to go along with the track.

Listen to “Goodbye” here!

Lucky Luke & Duke Luke: “GAME”

Lucky Luke is a twenty-one-year-old Lithuanian producer. Of course, he has tens of thousands of fans scattered across Europe. However, he is also growing his listeners to other parts of the globe, including the United States. Lucky Luke is on Lithuania HQ‘s roster. This European record label focuses on “emotional/deep bass and slap house music“.

GAME” is one of Lucky Luke’s latest tracks released via Lithuania HQ. The remarkable vocals are provided by a ten-year-old vocalist named Duke Luke. This young artist, vocalist, and writer is also a part of Lithuania HQ and has a few other tracks released under his name as well.

This track combines nostalgia with hypnotizing verses and a hard-hitting house chorus. A whistling sound kicks the track off before Duke Luke’s vocals come in. “Let’s have fun, be happy, everyone let’s play a game”, Duke sings. His vocals become pitched down during the chorus to fit the darker feel, but overall this a fun, lighthearted track to dance to.

Listen to “GAME” here!

Ludovica Pagani & Stefy De Cicco: “Life Is One” (feat. SHIBUI)

Ludovica Pagani is an extremely talented young woman. This Italian is not only a producer and DJ. She is also a model, actress, and influencer. This is her first release since “Perdoname” in 2018 with Kenny Ray, featuring Renny Mclean. Stefy De Cicco is based in Ibiza and is another female powerhouse. Throughout 2020, she has released a handful of songs and collaborated with KSHMR, Tiscore, and more.

Compelling vocals launch the start of the track before subtle percussion and wavy synths are added in. When all of these elements come together and the rhythm increases into the chorus, a pop-centric house track is produced. Some might classify it as tropical house because of its light, playful sound. In addition to the song itself, there is a fascinating music video (above) for “Life Is One“. These two DJs appear to be transported out of this world, adorned with interstellar outfits.

Listen to “Life Is One” here!

Paradigm & Scott Rill: “Bloodstream”

Paradigm is a brand new project from SÉB MONT and Patrick Gold that debuted in September of 2020. It combines “infectious heavenly pop hooks with dark dystopian slap house beats“. SÉB both produces and writes pop, EDM, and house. Patrick Gold is a self-proclaimed music producer, artist, and A&R manager. For “Bloodstream“, Paradigm collaborated with Scott Rill. This electronic music producer is from Ukraine. In 2020, his music was streamed more than ten-point seven million times on Spotify alone.

Released via Soave Records, “Bloodstream” is a heartfelt house track that can be relatable to a lot of listeners. Deep vocals, percussion, and a soft oscillating melody bring the track to life. Guitar can also be heard as well as a deep, chill house bassline. “Oh I feel you in my bloodstream, every time you touch me, girl, you got me losing control”, are the vocals that take over the lively chorus. A visually appealing lyric video (above) was also released for the track.

Listen to “Bloodstream” here!


Some of these producers and DJs are lesser-known in the United States as of today, but their sheer amount of talent foreshadows that they are sure to gain some major recognition in 2021. These five collaborations present perfectly assembled house beats that have us digging for more.

Whenever any of your playlists need a refresh, we encourage you to listen to a new artist or genre! Exploring outside of your typical music bubble almost always leads to great discoveries. The five new tracks above are totally dance-worthy and can’t wait to be added to your playlist *wink*.

Cover Photo By GATTÜSO

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