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Figure – Nightmare on Blake Street

Figure – Nightmare on Blake Street


September 17th, 2019

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Figure, the OG of monster movie style Dubstep and Drumstep, returned to Denver to play a special Terrorvision show at The Summit Music Hall. Dr. Ozi, Dack Janiels, Swarm, and Sully joined alongside him on this bass filled lineup.

Figure at Summit Music Hall
Figure performing at Summit Music Hall

Photos by Mark Munson

Figure’s Terrorvision plays out visuals of clips from monster movies, alongside his signature monster movie Dubstep. Figure is known for his tracks based on popular horror movies. In addition to this, he releases his highly anticipated Monsters albums each year. For anyone who loves Dubstep and anything Halloween related, Figure is a must see, and what better of a night to do so than Friday the 13th? Even better to have a full moon on top of it!

The Summit provides a very intimate setting for their shows. It’s not a large venue, but still big enough to pack out with bass lovers from the rail to the doors. Because of the setting, it always makes for an unforgettable experience, and you’re sure to leave the venue with new friends and incredible memories!

Getting Ready for a Spooky Night with Figure

As the sun went down, and the full moon came out, attendees started to fill the intimate venue. To begin with the night,Sully kicked off the night, playing all out for the the growing crowd. Sully, Swarm, Dack Janiels, and Dr. Ozi all played out jaw dropping, neck breaking sets. Not to mention, each artist on this lineup has their own unique style and sound to their music, which made everything about this night flow perfectly together. In addition to each unique style, each artist had an amazing stage presence to keep the crowd dancing and full of energy!

Bringing his Terrorvision setup to the venue, every horror loving fan in the building was sure to be satisfied when Figure took the stage. All in all, Figure played an unbelievable set with flawless transitions between each song, keeping the crowd going nonstop. As long as he has been in this game, each set Figure plays gets better and better. Nothing will slow this man down!

Figure’s Monsters 10 album is out on October 10th. It is currently available for pre order, and will feature collabs with artists such as Code: Pandorum, Graphyt, Lev3l, and more! Be sure to keep your eyes open for this!

Figure is currently on tour, check out his upcoming dates and stay in the loop with everything Figure related here.

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