Festival Season is upon us, and after two years of no festivals, people are rearing to get back out there. So naturally, you want to dress to impress and be comfortable at your campsite, all while bringing the least amount of stuff to haul, set up, and keep track of. So are you and your friends prepared? Here is a survival guide on surviving the festival season.

Festival Packing: What to Bring

With the limited car space and even less if you carpool, figuring out what
to bring is one of the hardest things with festivals. Let’s talk about
necessities first. Besides the tent, and all of the camping goodies, like a
shade structure, stakes, coolers, and chairs, you will want to bring Clothes!
You will want to bring cute clothes for the hot summer temps, but also cute
clothes for the potential rain, wind, and cool nights! Do a 50/50 split, and make
sure you don’t forget your accessories! 

Food! Unless you want to spend festival prices on food,
plan on bringing food! Some amazing food kits made for camping only require hot
water to make, like instant mac n cheese. Bring coolers with ice blocks and ice
cubes, as the blocks take longer to melt. Water! Just because
festivals say they will have water doesn’t mean they will have it forever! It
is super easy to bring some of the water jugs with you or collapsible fillable
bag canteens that hold 6-8 gallons. These are a lifesaver and can be used for
cooking, drinking, bathing, refilling your hydro packs, and cooling off! And
always bring a first aid kit with any medicine you think you may need!

Now that all the necessities, let’s talk about creature comforts. It’s always
nice to bring a mister and air mattress to make your campsite comfier. Bandanas
or scarves can also make great dust masks in a pinch during wind gusts. Totems,
tapestries, and other identifiers will make it easier for your group to find
each other and your campsite! Reusable plates and cups allow for easy sharing
and less waste to carry out with you! 

Lights are also super friendly to have! Not only to decorate your tent but
to make it easier to navigate the festival grounds at night! Contact info on
stickers or cards makes it easy to stay connected with the rad people you meet!
Lastly, little gifts and mementos to trade and gifts to people to remember you
by can really make the festival experience complete. We made you a fantastic
checklist to remind you of what to bring and use it for your next

Festival: Rules for Survival

Now that you know what to bring let’s chat about the rules of surviving a festival! 

  1. Stay Hydrated and Aware of Your Body.

 Water is the elixir of life, and your body needs it! So remember to keep drinking water, especially during the day when it gets hot! You know your body better than anyone. If you are thirsty and exhausted, it’s okay to stop and take a break! And never be afraid to visit the medical tent if you need it! They are there to help you and not judge or get you in trouble!

  1. Pace Yourself!

It can be hard to want to go do and see everything. FOMO can be real, but you need to start slow and pace yourself. If you go too hard on the paint day one, the rest of the festival, you may end up miserable and in recovery mode. Make sure you rest up and take time for your body to recover from all the walking, dancing and partying! 

  1. Expect Things Not to Go Perfect.

No matter how hard you try, you can’t control the festival’s weather and other things that may go awry. But, go in with an open mind and a goal to have fun and make new memories, and you will be guaranteed to have the time of your life!

  1. Be Patient With Yourself! 

Festivals can sometimes be downright frustrating and hard, especially if you forget things or the weather goes south. Remember to breathe and try not to get frustrated. Don’t forget that you are there to let loose and have fun!

Now that you know what to bring and the rules while at a festival, do you feel prepared? Good! Now grab your festival tickets and friends, and we will see you at the campgrounds this summer!

  1. Have Fun!

Photos by ChanelBerumen

Festival: Survival Wrap-Up

Now that you know what to bring and the rules while at a festival, do you feel prepared? Good! Now grab your festival tickets and friends, and we will see you at the campgrounds this summer!

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