EDM ensemble Jungle playing live onstage

Hot on the heels of their most ambitious studio work, British dance duo Jungle are ready to bring new music to the people. Their fourth album Volcano, released in August of 2023, features numerous collaborations across genres. A set of themed videos which they produced themselves accompanies the entire record. Excited for the April 17th show announcement, fans promptly sold out the 10,000-seat venue, Red Rocks Amphitheatre.

The Mystique of Jungle

When the duo unveiled their self-titled LP a decade ago, there was an air of mystery around their identities. Going only by first initials of J and T, childhood friends Josh Lloyd-Watson and Tom McFarland also kept their faces unseen. They chose to let the art speak for itself and were an instant sensation by all accounts. Pressure to match the success of the debut led to deliberate prudence in releasing their second, more methodical record, 2019’s For Ever.

Bringing a more fun and relaxed approach brought joy back to the pair and their music. They turned out album number three in just two years. Loving In Stereo dropped in 2021 and marked the ensemble’s first on their independent label, Caiola Records. It featured collaborative tracks “Romeo” with Bas and “Goodbye My Love” with Priya Ragu. Studio contributions from other artists also give weight to the record, including those who tour with Jungle’s live production. Lydia Kitto proved to be an ideal match for the outfit, continuing to contribute significantly to Volcano.

EDM group Jungle plays to an excited crowd beneath shining stage lights

This Volcano is About to Erupt

Approaching the production of their fourth studio record with intent, playfulness, and confidence was a recipe for success for Jungle. Watson and McFarland came into the Volcano project with the mindset of making music that they enjoy. Establishing their reputation and cementing their success opened new doors for collaboration. It also inspired a more ambitious artistic accompaniment to the tunes. The result is an engaging combination of audio and visual splendor.

First, let’s talk about the blissful beats the album delivers. The tracks’ soulful, jazzy flair makes you want to move your body. Upbeat and energetic, it’s the perfect soundtrack for sunny day cruises, swinging through a Saturday night, or brightening up a bleak winter day.

The originality of the music goes beyond composition. Jungle recorded classic-sounding soul songs, ultimately repurposed by mixing and sampling them into the completed offering. There are only two samples on the entire collection that are not the work of the Jungle cooperative.

A talented cast of characters adds flavor to many of the cuts. “I’ve Been In Love” with Channel Tres highlights the hip-hop side of their sounds. Roots Manuva lends vocals to the funky feels of “You Ain’t No Celebrity.” Infectious dance grooves continue as Mood Talk features on “Don’t Play.” The album’s closing cut is another partnership with Bas, the laid-back and luxurious “Pretty Little Thing.”

Holographic billboard projection on a building encourages viewers to [RE]Discover Jungle, promoting the EDM group on Amazon Music

Cracking the Conceptual Code

More than just a collection of songs and videos, Volcano is an imaginative assembly of sights and sounds. Conceptual cinematics, released as a mini-movie to accompany the album, tell an endearing tale. The story that unfolds follows an on-and-off-set look at the lives of the dancers featured in many of Jungle’s music videos. Catch candid and comical portrayals of interactions among artists as well as clever narrations between tracks. The inventive result is worth the watch! Read more on the production in several insightful interviews with NMEWhy Now, and The Line of Best Fit.

Here’s where I’d usually encourage you to grab tickets before the event sells out, but sadly, that ship has sailed. At this stage, your best bets are friends with connections, the AXS ticket page’s Red Rocks Fan Exchange, and, of course, one lucky fan will win a pair of tickets with the Party Guru giveaway!

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