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FEATURE – Local Denver EDM Artist SPENNY

FEATURE – Local Denver EDM Artist SPENNY

Austin Sack

November 11th, 2020

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University of Northern Colorado student shares his passion for music and more highly, the people.

Despite the many challenges in the year 2020, many upcoming local artists continue to find their sound and share their music with the world. Originally from Parker, CO Spencer MacDonald is currently a student at the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley. More known for his DJ name Spenny. What started with attending various shows and having a love for EDM music has launched Spenny and his new talent of mixing.

Like many artists just starting out, Spenny’s first board was a Numark party mixer and he only played for close friends. What has set Spenny apart from most is the fact that he is completely self taught. Once he began producing his own sounds is when the SPENNY project was born.

“As of right now I have quite a few unreleased songs, including a few collabs, that are done or just about done,” MacDonald said.

Along with Spenny’s upcoming songs, EDM fans that are looking for a new sound can keep an eye out for his new project debuting in November. The project will feature Spenny’s unique sound and potentially a label release.

While Spenny has been hard at work making new music he has also been playing shows at several bars and clubs in Denver and surrounding areas. Spenny has been determined during COVID-19 to provide people with their favorite music while staying safe. The first live set of Spenny’s career was at Your Moms House in Denver. Since that first show last December, Spenny is looking for any and all in-person and online opportunities to be involved in the EDM community. After performing in-person and virtual sets in Boulder and Lakewood, Spenny is preparing his latest set at a socially distant set in Colorado Springs with BassJam Events at the Jazz Funk Collection.

“I am so excited for this show as the lineup features talent from all over the country as well as some amazing locals talent!” MacDonald said.

Of course, the majority of artists would rather be playing in front of an actual audience, virtual sets are a great alternative to combat COVID restrictions. Spenny believes the EDM community has embodied virtual sets into the experience fans crave. Many virtual sets are also using their platform to fundraise for charity. Just like any genre the fans seem to find their way into communities surrounding the music. The community surrounding EDM is unlike any other but for only one reason, the people.

“From attending shows and partying late into the night with my friends to meeting random strangers along the way, it’s the human interaction and kindness I have received from all the people who introduced me to EDM and all the people I’ve had the pleasure to meet thanks to EDM,” MacDonald said. “To me, EDM is bigger than music, it’s a culture, it’s a feeling, and I am forever grateful I found it.”

For anyone interested in checking out Spenny’s sounds you can find him at the several streaming platforms below. Spenny also has invited everyone to his socially distanced show on Saturday, November 28. Tickets to this show as well as a promo code can be used to purchase your spot. Use promo code “SPENNY” (all caps) for discount at checkout.

Photos By Patrik Essy and Courtesy of Spenny




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