FamBAM Productions Mansion party commenced on July 30th, when the Mansion opened its doors for music conesours and avid party go-ers alike. The Mansion is a music lover’s dream come true with three floors of music, eclectic, themed rooms, and delicious food and drink pairings. This event was not only full of wonders around every corner. It also was a fundraiser benefiting Ean Tafoyas mayoral campaign. 

The Magic of the Mansion 

The Mansion embodies history while also serving a high-class artistic environment. The Mansion was originally built in 1889 and has since transformed into one of the most unique venues in Colorado. Walking through the front door, you are immediately greeted by the grand entrance and the bass-y reverb emanating from the main stage. Moody neon lights and art scatter across every inch of the mansion, slowly guiding you to want to explore more. The second and third are filled with various rooms – from psychedelic neon-themed rooms to Persian lounge vibes. During the FamBAM Productions throwdown, a different DJ was playing on every floor of the mansion,  ranging from melodic bass to organic house. 

Music in the Mansion 

The music lineup starting the night out was BG playing on the first floor, Alisha B playing on the second, and Angel Pitch playing on the third. As the night progressed Spella threwdown on the main stage on the first floor. The Colorado native started her set out with deep bass and added hints of funky house and chill beats throughout her set. Upstairs, people were getting down to Lando Burch and C$hbrwns. Lando Burch served some disco funk realness while party goers broke it down to C$hbrwns upbeat EDM and melodic bass music.

Closing It Out 

From 12-1am, neon lasers emerged from behind the main stage, drawing a
big crowd for Evasives set. Evasive played an eclectic show – awing the crowd with his intense drops
and deep bass hitting the core. As crowds flocked upstairs to explore more, Hollywood Hyde and Alex H. brought the heat infusing their intense wubby EDM and trance undertones to every corner of the house. Finally, to close the night out B2 kept the partying going with some funky, upbeat jams mixed with heavy bass. In the rooms upstairs, Fred Fancy and Tesla Nikole kept the people dancing with their contagious energy, incredible stage presence, and incredible jams. 

As the mansion continues to grow and expand its connection, Denverites are truly in for a treat with this unique immersive experience. With immaculate vibes throughout the night and all proceeds going towards Ean Tafoya, the FamBAM Productions throwdown was truly a night to remember.  

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