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Exclusive Interview with Riot Ten

Exclusive Interview with Riot Ten


July 15th, 2019

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This just in, electronic music icon Riot Ten got real with the Party Guru Press team. The Texas native was able to catch up with the Press Team and got reminiscent looking back on venues past, high school parties, and much more! Riot Ten is making his way to the Ogden Theatre in good ole’ Denver, Colorado, this upcoming August 16th! Then the bass prodigy is set to take off on tour across the United States.

Christopher Wilson hails from El Paso, Texas. At the ripe young age of twenty two, Mr. Wilson took the electronic music scene by storm! The young talent gained an edge due to his unique blend of trap, deep grimey dubstep, and electro house. It was not long until Riot Ten was making music with labels such as Buygore, Never Say Die, and Rottun Recordings. The young talent has collaborated with artists such as BTSM, The Chainsmokers, and Sullivan King. Since then, Riot Ten has gained quite the following on any and all social media platforms, due to his abundant love for his adoring fans. Riot Ten has a whopping 125 thousand followers on Soundcloud alone. On Facebook, Mr. Wilson has an impressive 240 thousand likes and another 170 thousand followers on Instagram. Lastly, the dubstep icon has managed to rack up about 500 thousand monthly listeners on Spotify.

In 2017, Riot Ten became a staple on the much anticipated The Chainsmokers “Memories Do Not Open” tour. From there on out, Christopher’s career took off high onto the charts. In 2018 Riot Ten blindsided the dubstep community with his hit “Rail Breaker.” Since then, the young bass boss has been on the move all over the globe, blasting his headbangin’ hits “Fuck it,” featuring Sullivan King, and his multiple “Hype or Die” mixes. Riot Ten has made his way to festivals world wide, including iconic locations like Electric Forest, Electric Zoo, Lost Lands, Imagine Music Festival and many more. Who is to say what is in store next for this young talent.

Party Guru Press: What was your childhood like?

Riot Ten: Fortunately I had a really good childhood. I did move around a lot up until the 3rd grade, but honestly nothing I can really complain about. I was blessed with a loving & supportive family- even though we may have disagreed initially on the decision to pursue [music]. I truly thank God for that.

Party Guru Press: We heard you have referred to hip-hop as your first love, but how did you discover your love for EDM?

Riot Ten: High school house parties! Haha, I would honestly just see how much fun people were having listening to it, and since I was already producing at that time I decided to dabble with electronic music. 10+ years later and here I am.

Party Guru Press: Was there a defining moment in your past that inspired you to educate yourself in the art of music production?

Riot Ten: I guess it would have to be when I used to try and rap. Haha, I met a guy who told me he rapped and produced, so he introduced me to FL STUDIO. After that, I was learning everything I could about producing and shifted away from the rapper side of things.

Party Guru Press: Now that you have toured all over the world, where is your favorite place to throw down?

Riot Ten: That’s way too hard of a question haha. There are so many dope places. I would say Denver, Seattle, Chicago, LA, San Francisco, Detroit, El Paso, Dallas, Houston and Minneapolis are some of my favorite cities in the US. And I could list about 20 others that have always shown so much love. Outside of the US, I am in love with the energy in China right now, and my Australia tours are always insane. Bootshaus in Germany is also one of the craziest shows I’ve ever played. And EDC Mexico was one of my most memorable sets to date.

Party Guru Press: Tell us about your latest release Hype Or Die: Sun City EP.

Riot Ten: Well it’s one of my proudest bodies of work. I had so much fun producing it start to finish. It’s also very dear to me because the outro was such an emotional song when i made it years ago.

Party Guru Press: Any new projects in the works?

Riot Ten: I got another EP coming out before my tour kicks off in the Fall. There’s some big IDs on there that I’ve been playing out for a while now. So stoked to put this one out soon!

Party Guru Press: You have a big tour coming up, is there a destination you are looking forward to most?

Riot Ten: Well, there’s A LOT of cities so that’s tough. But honestly, I am super excited about playing in Paris for the first time at Dream Nation Festival. My upcoming show in Denver is also up there. It’s my second Hype Or Die Fest this year and one of my top cities to play.

Party Guru Press: You are always throwing down for your fans but what are you listening and getting down to these days?

Riot Ten: It’s a lot of classical, hip hop, indie stuff, and sometimes heavy metal. It depends on the mood i guess haha.

Party Guru Press: Anything you want to say to the fans out there?

Riot Ten: I’m just grateful for every single person who has ever supported me. I wouldn’t be here without them and I am eternally thankful. I will always make time to meet my fans as they have made time for me. Whether that is at shows, or even on social media being active and talking with them, etc… It’s the least I could do.

Riot Ten is headed our way this upcoming August 16th at The Ogden Theatre. Then he is off and headed for a six month tour across the United states. Be sure to catch this bass head icon at festivals like Electric Zoo, Bassrush Massive Arizona, and FIU Summer Fest this summer! Keep an eye out for Riot Ten’s newest EP set to drop this fall. Til’ next time headbanging ravers!

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