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Excision’s The Evolution Tour 2020 Leaves Denver in a Neckbrace

Excision’s The Evolution Tour 2020 Leaves Denver in a Neckbrace


March 14th, 2020

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Excision Night 2

Colorado is home to many things—from hiking to mountain climbing to the beauty of the skyscraping views of Downtown but one favorite event stands out from the rest as one of the most beloved and anticipated events of the year. Jeff “Excision” Abel has spent years honing his craft and producing bass music and audiovisual experience unlike ANY other, and this year at Colorado’s own 1stBANK Center showed just how far he has come as an artist and musician.

Returning for its fifth rendition, Excision‘s new-and-improved version of the well-loved “The Paradox” tour experience took place last Friday and Saturday, titling “The Evolution” tour. The two-day run came a week earlier this year than in previous years—but didn’t fail to bring an absolute heavyweight of a show both nights. Just the name itself Excision implies a terrifying mental image—forced extraction if you will, literally a “removal by cutting”. The man brought out ear-slicing bass synths this weekend which left fans headbanging all night.

The insanely aggressive, heavy beats brought out by the Bass King this weekend did just that. Soul-wrenching bass music and screeching synths filled the air both nights, giving an unforgettable performance with two completely unique sets each night, paired with matching visuals that filled the entire front of the venue from floor to ceiling in an incredible new audiovisual display and experience.

The lineup this year consisted of some of the heaviest names today in bass music and dubstep, with Friday bringing out Champagne Drip, Calcium, Wooli, Kai Wachi b2b PhaseOne, Space Laces b2b MUST DIE!, and an opening set before Excision himself by local favorite 12th Planet.

Saturday brought a whole new field of vibes, with opener Jessica Audiffred crushing it as the only female on the lineup, followed by Champagne Drip b2b G-REX, a Modestep DJ set, PhaseOne, Wooli b2b Dion Timmer and Riot Ten before Excision. Some of the heaviest names in music, all under one roof, paired with a sold-out capacity of 6,500 bassheads. Denver was in for a treat this weekend, and every set brought heavy, ear-curling bass music all night.

Riot Ten

Some of the most notable moments of each night included Friday’s PhaseOne‘s set, who brought insane bass music synths paired with incredibly well-versed melodies which brought together his performance as one of the best of the weekend. Calcium also threw down an incredible set on night 1, bringing screeching and blood-boiling sounds that had the entire room headbanging to the beat. Space Laces also brought an impeccable performance from start to finish with MUST DIE!, a local favorite as well who has claimed Denver is one of his favorite places to play. MUST DIE! electro-dubstep sound paired with the refreshingly unique synths and sound design of Space Laces made their performance certainly an unforgettable one, with energies bouncing off the walls all night in preparation for Excision‘s set.

Saturday’s notable performances included Jessica Audiffred, who held her own as the only female on the two-day lineup and truly showed that bass chicks can run the scene. Fusing melodic transitions with some of the more popular songs in dubstep, Jessica Audiffred showed her impeccable mixing skills and refined ear though her set which had the entire room up and ready to dance. Excision‘s set both nights was refreshingly different and unique from one another—each night definitely brought a very different vibe.

Jessica Audiffred

Virtual walls of bass spanned the entire front of the room when the King of Bass came onto the decks to begin his set. The entire front of the venue, filled in beautiful, crisp, massive rainbow colors and designs paired with HUNDREDS of bright, shining lights and lasers made for an insane production experience unlike any other. Excision fans are some of the most devoted, loving fans in the scene—and this weekend showed this as Denver music lovers rose to their feet with their arms held up in the “X” position as he took the stage.

From start to finish, each performance was a completely unique audiovisual experience tailored just for that night. Excision performed some of his more famous songs which had the room up and headbanging all night and singing the lyrics, including “Africa” “Codename X” “The Wonky Song” and “Throwin’ Elbows”.


Excision has been crushing and running the bass music and dubstep game long before 2014—but his 2020 set was certainly a unique one. Until next year, Denver bassheads will await one of the most incredibly engaging and unique productions that exists in electronic music. Dubstep in Denver will never die as fans from all over the state and Midwest region come to the The Evolution/The Paradox each year, anticipating and experiencing a one-of-a-kind set to truly be remembered for the rest of their lives.

Night One Photos:

Photos by Julien Deroeux


Night Two Photos:

Photos by Emma Rojo


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