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The Golden Triangle Artist Showcase

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The Golden Triangle Artist Showcase

September 3, 2023

An imaginative event for labor Day coming up! Film screening, artist panels, murals, and music. Art is alive and we are celebrating it. A truly immersive time upcoming.
Introducing the Inaugural Golden Triangle Artist Showcase:
Celebrating Denver’s Premier Muralists
Denver, CO – The vibrant and artistic community of Denver’s Golden
Triangle is set to come alive with the city’s first-ever Golden Triangle Artist Showcase @bar standard, an event that promises to be a feast for the eyes and a celebration of creativity. Showcasing the undeniable talent of Denver’s top muralists, this event is a unique opportunity to experience the intersection of urban art and cultural expression.
Event Details:
Date: 8/29 – 9/3
Location: Bar Standard
The Golden Triangle district, known for its fusion of historic architecture and contemporary flair, Bar Standard will be transformed into an open-air gallery, welcoming visitors to immerse themselves in the world of murals. This showcase is a collaborative effort between local artists, community organizations, designed to shine a spotlight on the artistic vitality that defines this neighborhood.
Event Highlights:
Unveiling of Spectacular Murals: The showcase will feature live mural painting by some of Denver’s most renowned artists, with blank canvases transforming into vibrant artworks throughout the day.
Live Entertainment: A Lively atmosphere will be complemented by local musicians, food vendors, and interactive art stations for visitors.
Community Engagement: The event encourages community participation, fostering a sense of togetherness and shared appreciation for the arts.
“We are thrilled to present the first Golden Triangle Artist Showcase, highlighting the exceptional talent of Denver’s muralists. “This showcase not only adds to the cultural vibrancy of our city but also provides a platform for artists to connect with the community. It’s an embodiment of the Golden Triangle’s spirit of creativity.”
Sandra Fettingis : Diego Flores : Delton Demarest : Anthony Garcia Sr. : Chris Haven : Jher451 : Voice : Patrick (Kane) Mc Gregor : Scot Lefavor
Tony Touch (NYC) : Tanastadi : Kevin Callison : Matthew Alvarado : Homie : Gary Givant : Roland : Slave1 : Zion
Broadway Bizzarre Market : Hookah and Hamburgers : Yanni’s Pizza