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Word on the street is that the blockchain world is in the midst of a crypto winter. You wouldn’t think so based on what took place over the weekend at ETH Dance, though. On March 3rd and 4th, a double dose of fire beats brought together people from the worlds of web3 and dance music.

ETH Dance, which debuted this year, coincided with ETHDenver. The annual blockchain convention has taken place in the Mile High City since 2017. This year’s edition ran from February 24th to March 5th at the National Western Complex. After it wrapped up on the evenings of the 3rd and the 4th, web3 enthusiasts came to Reelworks to let loose to the sounds of house and techno.

Each artist on the bill brought a flavor of dance music that fit well with the broader theme of the event. Whether local, national or international, they kept bodies moving and faces beaming well into the night.

ETH Dance Lineup

When the doors opened and revelers started finding their way to the dance floor on night one, local favorite T-Rav set the mood. Weaving a calculated thread through progressive house, deep house, and techno, he proved that the opening set of the night can still leave a lasting impression.

N2N picked up where he left off with high-energy tech house whose bass lines showed the potential of Reelworks’ sound system. Closing out the night was Dutch DJ and producer Bastian Bux. He delivered an eclectic yet cohesive style of house befitting a breakout talent such as himself.

Night two kicked off with a set by BigRedMachine aka Dustin Goodwin. In addition to knowing his way around house and techno, he’s among ETHDenver’s cofounders. He handed it off to Ryan Crosson, who played a highly danceable set before the festivities closed out with a performance by Joeski.

It All Comes Back to the Dance Floor

Many of those attending ETHDenver found a dance music after party like ETH Dance to be something of a novelty. For Goodwin, who planned and executed the event, the crossover was a no brainer.

“At the end of the day, dance music is at the center of my existence,” he told us over the phone prior to the event. “If it wasn’t for dance music, I wouldn’t have my career or be in the crypto space.”

This was only the beginning. ETH Dance will come back bigger and better each year. Whether you’re a blockchain professional, a diehard raver, or a little of each, you owe it to yourself to check it out in 2024 and beyond.

Crowd dancing ETH Dance Reelworks ETH Denver

Photos by Mike Rampi

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