Esseks Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom disco ball

If there’s one thing we know about Denver bassheads, it’s that no amount of inclement weather has ever stopped them from going outside and experiencing the music they love. That was certainly true last Saturday, February 3rd, at Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom.

Snow was falling in true Colorado blizzard fashion, and though this would’ve stopped a lot of people from leaving their house, that wasn’t the case for this crowd. Bass legend Esseks was joined by many other talented artists, and the room was so packed it was hard to believe there was any unusual weather outside of those walls.

Opening up the night was a unique back-to-back from Fervor and Inspectah. This was a special performance as both artists are close friends and love playing sets together. They also brought alonga special visual artist, JABBS, another talented local. Their set was full of energy. It was the perfect way to begin the night.

Once Thew took the stage, the room was starting to fill up and get even warmer. Originally from Boise, Thew is another talented bass artist that now calls Denver home. His music has reached far beyond the Bass Capital, however. He always does a great job thanks to his well-rounded abilities in a live set, and this one was no exception! For his second-ever Cervantes appearance, Thew played lots of favorites mixed in with new filthy tracks including a new VIP of his hit track “Dekt,” which had us dancing non-stop.

Molokai was up next, and he sure continued bringing the heat. His unique style of bass music has been taking the scene by storm. From collaborations with MeSo, chmura, Daggz, and more, to his Other Dimension EP, Molokai is an artist to watch. His set was full of originals and unreleased music, captivating the audience and taking us on a bass-infused journey.

Once the legend Freddy Todd took the stage, the whole room seemed to have forgotten there was a snowstorm outside. Freddy Todd has always pushed the limits as far as genres go, and this set was no exception. His eclectic, jazzy take on bass music is something truly unique, and he does an amazing job of showcasing that in his live sets. We were treated to lots of new music, and played lots of crowd favorites as well. During his set, he got on the microphone and thanked everyone for being there, emphasizing how crazy it was that everyone was there on a snow day.

Once Esseks came out, the night was in full swing and didn’t show any signs of slowing down. Esseks came through with lots of surprises and unreleased music as well as originals like “This Will All Be Over Soon” and “Swamp Lord.” The captivating music combined with immersive visuals and a packed-out room kept the energy flowing until the last moment.

This was a special night for bass music here in Denver, but if you missed it, don’t fret! Esseks will surely be back soon, along with his amazing support acts. In the meantime, keep up with him on his website.

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