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Epic Night One with Papadosio

Epic Night One with Papadosio


October 25th, 2019

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Before Papadosio came on for their epic set, we got to hear Autonomix shred the Summit Hall! They absolutely killed it. Formed in Denver, the band is made up of four members: Zack Smith, Danny Littler, Jeff Pfannensteil, and Josh Nermon. Indeed, their sound can be described as psychedelic, electronica dance music. Given that, some say they combine the sounds of space rock, funk, jazz, and electronica to form their art.

In fact, the band’s habitual collaborations and a mix of styles and genres make each show unique and an insanely radical time. Their debut album Counter Balance is now available on all streaming platforms worldwide.

Because of their unique sound, the whole crowd was loving Autonomix’s energy. They were a perfect opening band for Papadosio. Psychedelic funk was running through all of our bodies on the dance floor. The band states “our compositions and improvs will take you to the outer reaches of the cosmos and back, all while dancing around structured grooves and laid on the foundation of composition music theory.”

Papadosio Brings an Epic Night of Music

Then it was time for Papadosio. Indeed, the crowd’s anticipation was insane. They finally started and the dance floor went wild. The energy that Papadosio gives to the crowd is truly epic.

At first, the band’s roots were created in the great city of Athens, which is located in Ohio. However, now their base is in Asheville, North Carolina. Papadosio is a progressive rock band striving to create music that is oddly familiar, and calls all walks of life to listen in a unique experience, saluting the one constant, music, in an ever alternating world.

The band members include: Anthony Thogmartin on guitar, keys, vocals; Billy Brouse on keys and vocals; Mike Healy on drums; and Rob McConnell on bass, vocals. A recent new addition of Sam Brouse on keys and vocals as occurred as well. They flow so wonderfully together, forming such a unique sound of funky, earthy, psychedelic jams. Their audio engineering is absolutely incredible.

This was this writer’s third time seeing Papadosio live, and we must say they slay it every time. The vibe they send to the audience is absolutely epic. They make venues into funky families all dancing an loving each other. It is as if they teleport the crowd somewhere else for a little while.


As we looked back at the crowd, we saw smiles on everyone’s faces. What a beautiful sight to see! We love how Papadosio is able to bring people’s energy together in a constant way. Papadosio states that “they are very much in favor the evolution of humanity, in terms of love for one another and this earth, and this all shines through in our music”

They ended the night by stirring everyone’s soul up in the Summit Hall. What an amazing performance they put on.

They have twelve more stops on their tour around the country. Next up is Louisville, Kentucky! Make sure to not miss out on this performance if you are in the area!

Photos and article by Ash Daniels

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