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EDC Week: A Ravers Paradise Returns

EDC Week: A Ravers Paradise Returns


January 31st, 2020

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The world-renowned Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) returns to Las Vegas once again, for the 10th consecutive year on May 15th-17th. Leading up to this highly anticipated event, headliners will come together for a full week of pre-parties, recovery gatherings and life changing experiences. EDC week week happens in May, so, attendees can predict beautiful weather conditions for all the thrilling outdoor functions. Insomniac being the masterminds behind EDC have formed an event like no other. Insomniac thrives in creating a plentiful of offerings for the electronic dance music community all along the Las Vegas strip. Whether you enjoy splashing around the hottest pool parties or getting down inside some of the most sought after clubs. It is safe to say EDC week will offer some of the greatest memories of 2020.

Variety in Vegas

72 hours leading up to the festival, comes in headliners from all walks of life. More than 450,000 people come to Las Vegas from more than 100 countries. Insomniac hosts a range of banging events on top of the endless casinos, award-winning restaurants, and one of a kind performances Las Vegas has. There are more than 15 day clubs on the strip of Las Vegas that take part in the festivities. To support the entertainment of the attendees, the clubs have 60+ different shows with the most remarkable talent.

While EDC week has yet to announce the 2020 acts, attendees are anticipating performances from top well known artists. Five-star clubs like Drai’s Beach Club and XS nightclub put out experiences that can’t be seen anywhere else. Some of the most influential names in the scene, including Illenium, Snails, and Marshmello have headlined in past years. Which, these sets bring in more of a personal aspect, as they tend to have a smaller crowd.

The Initiative

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While Insomniac is known around the globe for their top-notch events, the group prides themselves on their initiative to give back. Over the years, Insomniac has continuously increased profits for the major cities they work with to deliver jaw dropping experiences. Insomniac has brought in more than 2 billion in revenue in Las Vegas alone. Every year since 2011 Insomniac hosts what they call the “EDC Charity Initiative”. The charity moderates an auction that gives attendees a chance to win big with their own personal lottery. By participating attendees have a chance to win their own backstage trailer, golf cart rides or meet and greets with iconic artists. Insomniac has raised more than $2,000,000 since the start. In the past, the money gathered has gone to the Boys and Girls Club and Nevada public education.

The Worlds Largest Party

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It doesn’t stop there, on May 15th the largest festival in the world begins, EDC Las Vegas. After 10 strong years EDC still resides at the Las Vegas Speedway. The Speedway host’s eight stages and the most creative production. Electric Daisy Carnival stays true to its carnival roots by transforming the speedway into a psychedelic playground. The festival offers a mixture of different rides, an official parade, and more than 100 performers. Insomniac continues to push the envelope by redefining the scene in ways unthought of before.

The 10th anniversary is just over 100 days away. So, it’s time to get those party pants on. EDC week brings in life changing experiences and celebrations. Leaving no room for excuses to miss this event. When it comes to buying your ticket and talent announcements make sure to stay up to date by clicking here!

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