Bass duo Eazybaked has been going nonstop lately. Between festival appearances and lots of new music, they’ve been taking the bass world by storm. This past Saturday, September 16th, was a game changer for the producer duo. Eazybaked held their biggest headline show yet, selling out the Ogden Theatre in Denver, Colorado.

Eazybaked, consisting of Eric Ray and Andrew Principe, started as two childhood friends who began making music together in high school. Originally they were separate, known as “EAZY” and “Mr. Baked.” Eventually, they joined forces to become the Eazybaked that we know and love today. For those of us who have been following them for a while, it was incredible to see them headline such a personally significant sold-out show of this magnitude.

The sound and lighting design for this show were incredible!

The stacked lineup consisted of The Bakers, Charles Nimbus, Molokai B2B Milano, Tiedye Ky, and Eazybaked to close out the night. The Bakers, an Eazybaked alias, was a perfect way to begin the evening. Opening their own headlining show helped to get many more fans in the building and pack the venue out early. They played a more vibey and ambient set compared to their usual wompy bangers to get everyone warmed up for what was to come. Charles Nimbus played another slower, slightly more ambient set that began to raise energy while more of the crowd continued to pour in.

Once Molokai and Milano took the stage, they instantly made it clear that they would not hold back. Their back-to-back was filled with favorites as well as unreleased filthy tracks that had the crowd going wild.

Next up, Tiedye Ky kept the energy bumping with lots of wubs, as well as some slower songs where he popped on the microphone and did some live vocals. His set seemed to be a perfect blend of emotional, vocal-focused tracks, and heavier bass songs that continued to pump us up for the main event.

The energy was high in the building from beginning to end.

Once Eazybaked took the stage, the crowd was in full go mode. They played a high-energy set with lots of surprises that kept the fans entertained and dancing all night. One of the most notable parts of the evening was the incredibly unique production that they brought to the table. There was no LED wall or screens of any kind, but there was no need for one. Thanks to the insane lighting design they brought, provided by Quantum FX, the entire set was just as visibly stimulating as it was audibly. They also had a vast sound system that seemed to blow the roof off the building at times.

Surprise guests throughout the night kept the crowd on their toes!

Just as 1:00 AM approached and we thought the night was coming to an end, Eazybaked announced that they had a few more surprises. They brought Okay Kayo out to do a special vocal track. Followed by this, they proceeded to bring out Molokai, Milano, Tiedye Ky, Montycler, and several more artists for a massive back-to-back. This was a really special moment to witness, with the energy exploding off the stage from a bunch of good friends sharing their passions and iconic tracks with a huge crowd of their most devoted fans.

Not only was this weekend a huge milestone is Eazybaked’s career, it was a special night for the fans and the Ogden Theatre as well. The energy of all 1600 of us combined with all of the performers was something special. Eazybaked is sure to continue to do big things, so make sure you keep up with them on their website.

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