Dusk Music Festival 2022 crowd shot

All music festivals, regardless of genre or environment, always resemble a mixtape when you first look at the lineup. Different sounds, different stages, different origins, all somehow still converge in one weekend where it’s up to the person attending to choose the songs played at any moment. That is what’s happening on November 10th and 11th at Dusk Music Festival.

Right off the highway between Phoenix and Los Angeles in downtown Tucson is where the seventh annual festival will happen in Jácome Plaza. The lineup celebrates a vast array of unique and talented acts.

Starting at the top is a band that have spent over 20 years making and creating that California rock/reggae vibe that multiple generations have always loved. 311 have been on many mixtapes over the years. Their set will prove as enjoyable a moment as that of anybody on the lineup as they always make their listeners feel as if they will be forever 16. With timeless tracks like “Flowing,” “Amber” and my personal favorite “Beautiful Disaster,” the band is a mixtape all on their own.

311 at dusk music festival 2023

Co-headlining the event are French hitmaker DJ Snake and the eclectic Seven Lions, showcasing variety at all levels. But don’t stop there as the entire lineup has some great acts you can only catch at Dusk Music Festival. Included is LA duo Neil Frances, who caught the music world’s attention with a funky and refreshing cover of the classic “Music Sounds Better With You.” Also playing is Night Bass Records boss AC Slater, Bad Suns, Troyboi, and Dirtybird favorites Shiba San and J.Worra.

If you also love food, Dusk Music Festival is not one to miss, as it is not just a music festival but also a culinary one. All weekend long, restaurants surrounding the festival will have special menus offering the specific dishes that make Tucson so unique. This weekend to showcase the entire city above everything else, which is how festivals should be. It will be a celebration of the music, the food, the culture, and the city that make it.

Tickets for the weekend are $152 after taxes. There are also options for add-ons and hotel packages, so feel free to pick the experience you want. On November 10th and 11th, Dusk Music Festival returns to Tucson with a musical and culinary bonanza that will create a mixtape in front of your eyes that you will never forget. All you have to do is hit the road and find the playlist that is right for you. See you at Dusk.

Eat in downtown Tuscon for Dusk Music Festival

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