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Duper’s Creepy, But Awesome New Track: ‘Welcome To The Dungeon’

Duper’s Creepy, But Awesome New Track: ‘Welcome To The Dungeon’

Thomas Adams

December 3rd, 2020

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While we don’t think this is one of Duper’s holiday tracks, the Denver music producer is bringing his newest track to the front range. Manager Beau Carter states, “‘Welcome to the Dungeon’ aim[s] to create a horror themed soundscape combined with heavy experimental sound design. The track starts with a minimalistic intro filled with dark, eerie impacts that build into intense cinematic drums and a heavy drop with a unique sound.”

Jared Dupre (Duper) has been experimenting heavily during quarantine in a variety of genres. He aims to create a diverse portfolio of music as he continues to stay innovative in the Denver EDM scene. In this new track, Duper provides several uptempo, bass-heavy drop sections that make the listener want to get out of their seat and jam.

‘Welcome to the Dungeon’ begins with an ethereal feel. The ambience is set with subtle screaming, chains clinking, metal doors slamming, and echoing footsteps walking on stone. Suddenly, the beat picks up. For the next thirty seconds, listeners are kept on edge as the layers build up for the first drop where they are welcomed into “the dungeon” and all hell breaks loose.

The drops in this track make it seem like the real dungeon is in quarantine. Every high-end section makes the listener imagine flying glow sticks and crazy visuals while attending a rowdy EDM set at his or her favorite festival. You can almost feel the water being thrown on the front row by security guards. Quarantine–the dungeon–feels unsure and somewhat uneventful, just like the breakdowns in between the grandiose sections.

Footsteps, screaming, and other creepy sounds–including what sounds like a waterphone–make the listeners continue to feel uneasy as they make their way through the dungeon. At least they have some awesome bass to accompany them along the journey. As the fadeout occurs, listeners feel a sense of relief to escape the dungeon, but also a sense of longing for more. Due to COVID restrictions, one can only imagine the lights, the crowd, the sense of family that would occur seeing this song at a live set with best friends.

That being said, we do not have to imagine the visuals! Hopefully, listeners can find solace in checking out the video below for some epic visual work which emphasizes the creepy vibes. Typically, skulls, demons, and triangles are powerful symbols when dealing with the occult. These symbols only bring more party vibes when listening to Duper’s ‘Welcome to the Dungeon’ as we are led on a journey through this “wubby” dungeon with different skeletons and beings around every turn. This will no doubt be a great addition for your heavy hitting playlists.

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